About Us

About Us – Global Pet Love

We’re delighted that you decided to pay us, Global Pet Love, a visit. Welcome to our website!

At Global Pet Love, we are driven by an unparalleled passion and love for animals. We believe that they make the world a better and beautiful place to live in.

We are also very passionate about expanding our small community. And what is a better way to do that than to welcome you and other dedicated pet owners out there with open arms?

If the work we do at Global Pet Love resonates with you, we’d be more than thrilled to make you a part of our community.

While we absolutely adore all animals, we nurture a special fondness for dogs, cats, and birds. This website is here for a very specific purpose – to help.

We understand that pet owners often have many, many questions about their pets. And we fully agree that these questions pop up at any time.

Did your dog do something that’s left you baffled? We know the agitation that unanswered questions can bring. And we’d like to put an end to that.

We have gathered a tribe of friendly and dedicated people to answer all your questions. In our tribe, you can find vets, other pet owners, animal shelter volunteers, etc.

They have been in the same situation as you before, and they’ve had the same questions as you do now.

And that’s why the tribe at Global Pet Love will do everything to help you out in the best possible way!

Meet Sally

Sally is our go-to expert on everything about birds. You will always find her outdoors, with binoculars around her neck, observing different birds with child-like excitement.

When she’s not scampering about, Sally loves helping others discover the hidden magic of the vast bird kingdom. Currently, she is writing an article about birds. We love Sally’s enthusiasm, and we’re sure that you will too!

Oh, did we mention that she’s also an excellent baker?

Meet Ezra

Ezra is a proud pawrent to four cats. When he’s not in college, he spends most of his time volunteering at an animal shelter near his house. He’s also an experienced dog-walker.

At Global Pet Love, we call him ‘the healing wizard’ because of his inspiring work with rehabilitated dogs and cats. All animals love him, and so do we!

You can stay assured that if you’ve got any questions about your pet cat or dog, Ezra is your man.

Our Ultimate Goal

We have a dream: We want cats, dogs, and birds to receive the best care possible. We know that even super dedicated, devoted, and loving pawrents and bird owners like you need a little assistance now and then.

On our website, you’ll find tips and tricks on how to care for your dog, cat, or bird.

Visit our exclusive Dog Care, Cat Care, and Bird Care pages to find out about the best food products, pet care products, and information about the various pet illnesses.

Additionally, you can read up on general topics related to pet care.

Detailed, Dedicated, Devoted – that’s what we are.