Best Cockatiel Cage for your feathered friend

Best Cockatiel Cage – An Introduction

Cockatiels are some of the most beautiful birds that exist on our planet. They are small parrots called quarrians and are members of the cockatoo family, which originates from Australia.

These birds are as intelligent as they are beautiful. This very trait of theirs makes them easy to train. These beautiful birds are one of the most common bird pets people have.

Furthermore, the cockatiels’ mesmerizing whistling is what a person succumbs to with all their might. These birds indeed are to be kept with all the necessary care they need. The primary care needed for them is to have one of the most comfortable and best cockatiel cages to live in.

Now, there has been a common notion about keeping birds inside cages. Let us first break this bubble, shall we? Keeping birds in cages and not taking all the necessary steps to care for them is indeed very cruel.

However, most bird lovers pet these birds intending to have them as members of their own family. Hence, having a birdcage that would provide these birds their personal cage is necessary.

Why do cockatiels need cages?

In addition to this, there are several factors that stand vital for the birds to live in their shelter cages. Few of them are

• The birds are comparatively safer inside the birdcages than wandering around the house that has electrical appliances.

• The aviaries make sure that the birds steer clear from other preying animals.

• The petite beauty bundles get their personal space to eat, clean, and stay.

• Carrying the birds around inside the birdcages is easier.

• Last but not least, these cages keep them away from the cruel poachers.

What does a cockatiel need in its cage?

Your feathered friend needs the following things in its enclosure

  • Bird Toys
  • Feeder
  • Water tray
  • Wood perch (grooming perch)
  • slide out tray (to remove the poop and waste)

How to Choose the Best Cockatiel Cage

Choosing a comfortable habitat for your little birds can indeed be challenging. It is obvious to have worrisome thoughts about how big the aviary should be or what price range is feasible for the birdcage that is well-equipped and economical at the same time.

Although these are pretty important things to think about, we assure you to keep all your worries aside. We will discuss some best cockatiel cages that would be a perfect home for your little cockatiels as we move further.

So, here are some of the top-rated products that we have enlisted for you. Do give them a read.

While looking for the best cockatiel cages, the first parameter that pops into our minds is whether the cockatiel cage looks attractive or not. Cages are such an accessory that goes well when it matches the aesthetic features of your home.

Furthermore, we need to look into the features of the cages and see to it that the cage solves our purpose. Therefore, this wrought iron pet cage could be one of the best choices for you. Let me tell you how

Prevue Hendryx Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage

The Prevue Hendryx wrought iron cage is one of the most spacious cages of its size. The birdcage has two wooden bars inside them where your birds can play and exercise. The icing on the cake is, there is enough space for your birds to fly inside the birdcage.

The cage is reasonably priced and has a great rating on Amazon. The material used to make this cage is steel, and it weighs 9 pounds. The product dimensions are 30 × 18 × 18 inches.

Moving on to the maintenance of the birdcage, it is simple to maintain. The iron bars of the cage is wide enough to run a cloth for dusting. The base of the bird cage has a debris tray. Whenever you feel like the bird cage needs cleaning, just pull out the debris tray and clean it.

If you are worried about whether the birds will get stuck between the bars, then the answer is no. The parrot cage is extensive and spacious, allowing proper ventilation inside. It comes equipped with feeder trays and a large front door. So even if you leave the bird cage open, you don’t have to worry about your birds injuring themselves because of a small entrance.

The compact footprint lets you keep other additional pet bird cages inside. The feeding trays are held with the snap spring doors. You certainly do not have to worry about the food being spread all over the cell.


• Very spacious

• Equipped with two nest doors and two big front and back doors

• Comes with the dishes


• Food trays are a bit closer to the ground

Prevue Pet Products Flight Cage

It is not always the situation when you keep just one bird as a pet. There can be multiple birds flying around your house. While this could very well make you happy, keeping these birds in regular-sized cages would be stuffy for the birds.

Just like us, animals and birds need space too. Therefore, if you have multiple birds in your house, having this cockatiel cage would be the right choice. The cockatiel cage is black and has three wooden perches. These perches allow a play area for the birds inside their spacious cage.

Though it has slightly higher pricing than the other cages in this list, its Amazon rating is very good. The material used to make this pet bird cage is plastic, and it weighs 19 pounds. The product dimensions are 31 × 20.5× 53 inches.

The assembling of this cage is easy. Unlike some fragile cages made out of poor-quality material, this cage is made of wrought iron. The material is very tough and hence manageable and durable.

This cage is one of the best cockatiel cages rated by the customers who have used this product. The most convenient feature of this cage is its cleaning. The cage comes equipped with a bottom grille and drawer slides that help clean the cage. as a bird owner all you need to do is pull them out and clean these with some water and mild detergent.

The cage has two large front doors and a bottom shelf. You can use the shelf on the bottom to store other smaller items. People also use this space to decorate using fancy pots and plants.

The rolling casters in which the cage stands are another best feature. You can relocate the cage quickly and can place it anywhere around your house.


• The product is available in two different sizes

• Very attractive in terms of looks

• Enormous space can be used for bird toys


• An instruction manual for assembling is not provided

Vivo Home Wrought Iron Large Bird Cage

This birdcage is a perfect competition to the large bird cages that we described above. What makes this one of the best Cockatiel bird cage is its sturdy frame. The frame is made up of low-carbon rustproof and waterproof steel.

Furthermore, the birdcage is also covered with a hammer-pattern paint that prevents corrosion. This birdcage ensures a safe and healthy living space for your little whistling buddies with an anti-escape design.

This birdcage is well-priced despite its various features and also has a good rating on Amazon. The material used to make this birdcage is alloy, steel, wood, and plastic, weighing 33 pounds. The product dimensions are 30 × 20.5× 52.5 inches.

The interior space is ample and therefore makes more room for the birds to have toys and play in. The base is designed so that the birdcage can hold additional space to keep more toys and hold small cages within. The drawable sandbox and meshed shelf provide accessibility.

To clean the cage, you must slide the bottom of the removable tray, wash it, and then put it back as it is. The bars are spaced aptly so that dusting between the small corners of the bars becomes easy.

The big sliding doors of the birdcage ensure that the birdcage is secure for the birds, and they would not escape their space.

Now, because the birdcage is rustproof and water-resistant, the latches and the doors become solid and durable for years.


• Has abundant play area for the birds

• A colorful bell gets shipped with the birdcage

• Material is made of high-quality raw materials


• Accessory not suitable for large birds

Prevue Pet Products F030 Aviary Flight Cage

Prevue pet products have always managed to ace their position in the market. A very well-deserving brand that is famous for its quality of products.

The F030 Aviary flight cage is one of the best cockatiel cages because it is made of sturdy plastic. This birdcage makes an ideal home for the cockatiel birds in your home.

This birdcage comes equipped with two perches made of wood. Four double plastic cups come along with the cage. It has a fair pricing point on Amazon and is also rated highly. The material used to make this cage is plastic, and it weighs 19 pounds. The product dimensions are 37 × 27 × 68 inches.

In terms of cleaning, a bottom grille and drawer slide provide convenient access to thorough cleaning. Pull these trays out to clean the debris off the cage, and the cage spacing is enough to put a dusting cloth through it.

The hinged front doors create an easy pathway for the beautiful birds to go in and out of the cage securely. The catered stand of the cage is easily rollable. You can move the birdcage to any point of the house.

The coating of the plastic cage prevents any dust and water penetration through the material. The cage bars do not corrode quickly due to this. The cell is one of the most preferred products by the customers mainly for its attractive look.

The overall look of the cage is bound to increase the aesthetic value of your home. Just jazz the surrounding of the cage with some green plants, and the view of the corner cage and the beautiful birds would be breathtaking.


• Very spacious and beautiful

• The white color looks sturdy

• Easy to move around


• Assembling the cage can be laborious

Tips to Consider Before Buying a Birdcage for Your Cockatiel

It is often observed that people do not survey and research the products they wish to buy. However, you need to get the best outcome after investing some amount of money into it.

Before you buy the best cockatiel cages online, first look through some local stores. Talk to people who already have birds and learn from their experience.

In addition, look for space in your home where you wish to place the cage, and buy accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Moving on, after looking into some of these products, you must have some questions. So here are some FAQs which might be helpful.

1. How big should the cage be to keep a cockatiel?

A cockatiel is not a bird that stays small in size forever. It grows eventually. Hence, it would be best if you bought a larger cage to keep these birds.

To be very specific, a medium-sized cage would be just fine.

2. What should be the bar distance that would be convenient for the birds? 

To keep the cockatiels, you must need a birdcage where the bar spacing is not more than ½ to ⅝ of an inch.

3. How much space does a birdcage take?

The birdcage doesn’t eat up much space. However, it depends on the type of cage that you’re taking to keep your birds.

If the birdcage is small, a small hanging area in the home would be delicate. If the cell is medium-sized, then the space required would not exceed more than 17 inches approximately.

 To Sum It Up

Having birds as pets is indeed the most surreal feeling in the world. These melodious little angels do make our feet tap with joy.

However, birds need extra care. The reason being, they’re sensitive creatures. Every small change in the weather would mean that they would go through some change too.

We might not help them much with their fundamental body changes but what we can do the least is give them a comfortable space to reside in.

With these cages mentioned in the list, you may choose whichever cage suits your cockatiels’ requirements the best. The varied ranges of the birdcages would definitely ensure that your pet birds do not face any difficulty adjusting to a new habitat.