Best Cockatiel Food [Quick Tips for your Cockatiels Diet]

Best Cockatiel Food: A Pet cockatoo parrot Owner’s Guide

Cockatiels are types of parrots native to Australia. As with all wild birds, they feed primarily on fruits, seeds, and millet. So many aspects to talk about, we can go about it all day! To keep it practical, how about we learn one at a time. Let us focus on the “best cockatiel food.” Let’s dig in, shall we?

Are you yearning to own a cockatiel as your pet companion? An excellent choice, to say the least! They are pretty renowned for being the most obedient ones.

So, you won’t be having a hard time training this Australian cockatoo. However, as in the case with all pets, they can get a tad bit mischievous sometimes. Having said that, do we need to mention how adorable they are?

When you introduce new food like pelleted diet, fresh vegetables, sprouting seed they hesitate to eat. But with training, they can eat whatever available in cockatiel’s cage.

Okay, so you got one now. Your buddy cockatoo parrot is the new youngest family member. It’s about time to buckle up and shoulder some responsibilities.

It cannot be more obvious to decide what is the best food for your pet companion. Your cockatoo deserves a healthy, nutritious, and balanced diet. So, allow us to walk you through a comprehensive ‘best cockatiel food‘ guide you will ever need-

A Cockatiel’s Typical Diet

Like all wild birds, cockatoo parrots survive primarily on various flower seeds like sunflower seeds, berries, and fruits. Seeds are known as their all-time favorite staple. They enjoy feasting on a variety of seasonal seeds.

As free birds, they prove to be a bit notorious, raiding farm crops. Oh boy, they can’t just get enough of those seeds.

What to Feed Your Pet Cockatiel?

While feeding your cockatoo parrot buddy, the crucial decision is whether you want to choose a seed-based diet over the pellet diet? Though seeds may seem obvious, commercially available seed mixtures may be the best choice.

These packaged seeds are often rich in fat and carbohydrate. They may have very few proteins, vitamins, and minerals. If unchecked, it can lead to a severe nutrition deficiency in them.

We recommend pellet-based variants for your cockatoo parrot. Explicitly produced pellet-based mixtures is a healthy alternative, keeping all nutrition in mind. They are a wholesome blend of fruits, vegetables, seeds, and all things pleasant. Since cockatiels love to forage with their food, pellets come in different sizes and shapes.

Below is a result of 76 hours of hard work that we have put in. We went through about 30 packaged foods for this bird and narrowed it down to the best 5. Finally, we bring you the list of the best cockatiel food packages that you buy from Amazon (or from Walmart if you wish):

1. LAFEBER’S Classic Nutri-Berries Pet Bird Food for Cockatiel

As mentioned earlier, a cockatoo loves to forage. The Lafeber’s Nutriberries are formulated to encourage this behavior. It also doubles up as a highly nutritional food choice for your pet cockatiel.

Lafeber’s Cockatiel food pack is made from human-grade ingredients, with no preservatives and artificial flavors added. It comes in variable pack sizes, from 10 ounces to a whopping 20-pound mega pack. These Nutriberries are stuffed with non-GMO, highly nutritious ingredients. The natural taste of Lafeber’s Nutriberries is undoubtedly going to be your bud’s next favorite thing.

We must admit Lafeber’s amount of thought to come up with a cockatiel food like this. It ensures a healthy diet choice while being encouraged to forage exercising and playfulness.


  •  Complete and balanced nutrition for maximum health and wellness.
  • The form of something like the Nutriberry fosters foraging, play, and exercise.
  • Contains no chemical additives and is prepared with human-grade, non-GMO ingredients.


  • They are slightly expensive compared to the other alternatives.
  • Nutri-berry grains often stick to each other if the lid isn’t in place properly.

2. Roudybush Daily Maintenance Bird Food

Roudybush’s Bird Food Crumbles is among the best nutritional choices that money can buy. Roudybush ensures it for everyday use, and it is safe for your cockatoo parrot.

Each Bird Food pellet is highly nutritious and well balanced to meet your cockatiel’s healthy living plan. Furthermore, the pellets are 100% edible and free from artificial additives. The use of no synthetic sweeteners, colors, and animal by-products makes Roudybush an excellent choice.

3.5% of crude fiber and less than 6% of fat makes this an excellent balanced food for your pet cockatoo. You can opt for the 44-ounce trial pack to give it a shot. There are a wide variety of pack sizes available, so you will never run out of options. What more could you ask for from bird food, right?


  • Scientifically prepared for daily use.
  • Every serving is nutritionally packed and balanced.
  • There are no by-products or artificial additions to this product.


  • Pellets may be a bit too tiny for some cockatiels.
  •  Few cockatiels do not like the pellet-based mix.

3. ZuPreem Pure Fun Bird Food for Birds

It is an absolute no-brainer that cockatiels are an active species. And this ZuPreem Cockatiel pack is just the food you want for them; it checks all the boxes for your pet bud’s nutritional requirements. Not to forget, it also stimulates active playfulness.

This all-purpose cockatiel bird food formulates a precise mixture of seeds, fruits, and veggies. These come in a 32-ounce bag for the starters, and the flavor is deliciously fruity. It is also the most affordable one on this list. ZuPreem’s pellets ensure balanced nourishment to your cockatiel all day long.

Furthermore, it is supplemented with crucial vitamins and minerals to offer good health and activeness. Your pet is going to love it, and we bet that!


  • Specially designed for medium birds to stimulate playfulness.
  • Contains essential vitamins and minerals.
  • A perfect mixture of fruits, vegetables, seeds, and everything healthy.


  •  Few cockatiels might be picky, pecking on only the seeds they like.
  • Might be a few traces of artificial sweetening.

4. Harrison’s Bird Food for Cockatiels

If you care for the long-lasting health of your cockatiel, look no further! Harrison’s is a brand noted for formulating top-of-the-line bird feeds. Their premium food packs come with a hefty price tag. Their bird feed formulation is “balanced to perfection.”

The pellets are tiny and relatively straightforward, meant to chew them right away. Harrison’s Cockatiel food is 100% organic, so do not expect the shells to be brightly colored. Harrison’s come in a whole lot of sizes, starting from 1lb pack. It is by far the ideal food for a healthy diet plan.

Harrison’s is an excellent alternative if you like to offer your cockatiel a diversified diet of seeds, fruits, and vegetables. Each serving packs in the daily essentials, all that you can ask for your pet cockatiel.


  • Wholesome, 100% organic certified.
  •  No artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or added colors.
  • USDA NOP Organic and Non-GMO Verified.


  • Nothing as such, except for the price.

5. Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Cockatiel Food

If you want to feed your cockatiel a varied diet of veggies, seeds, and fruit, Kaytee’s Cockatiel food is the best bang for your buck. Their pellets consist of balanced nutrition, which ensures your cockatiel’s good health. Kaytee’s food pack formulates a perfect balance of all things healthy, fit for cockatiel’s daily consumption.

Kaytee Forti Diet Pro includes a perfect mix of seeds, grains, and vitamins which screams optimal nutrition for your pet bud. It also doubles up as a supplement which is good for enhancing immunity.

Kaytee Forti will help improve a cockatiel’s skin and feathers and enhance the immune system of the cockatiels. So that it will strengthen the cockatiel’s overall health if it can be served regularly.


  • Supplements that ensure improved health
  • Uniquely made for cockatiels
  • Consist of rich blends of seed, vegetables, and fruits


  • Few cockatiels may not like the taste
  • Consists artificial coloring

How Much Should You Feed Your Pet Cockatiel?

If your cockatiel is solely on pellet-diet, you should feed only a quarter of a cup in a day. And if your cockatiels eat a varied seed-based diet, you need to provide at most 1 1/2 or 2 tablespoons a day.

Do not forget to throw in a little number of fruits and green veggies in your cockatiel’s diet. You may occasionally include some boiled chicken and eggs or cottage cheese as well. The fact that they are omnivores means they enjoy eating meat.

A list of seeds wild cockatiels prefer to eat

As these are wild birds they eat a variety of seeds. It is better to provide a seed mix. So they can get vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids

  • Sunflower Seed
  • millet spray
  • Safflower seed
  • Sprouted seed
  • canary seed
  • Hemp Seed

Adapting the Goodness of Pellet-Mixes

The hardest part is to make your pet cockatoo parrot like the pellet mixes. And, that should not come to you as a surprise. After all, they are the ‘seedaholics.’

Things are rough at times, being a pet owner. This situation is no different. Nothing to worry about! It may take time, but it is possible to make your bird fall for those healthy pellets.

Vets advise introducing pellets to your birds by regularly giving them two or three of them along with their usual diet. And by regular diet, we mean fruit and vegetable seeds. Cockatiels are clever and often stubborn. So do not expect them to eat pellets unknowingly. They will only peck them when they want to. All you can do is hope they accept it soon.

The key to this transition calls for patience. Whatever the situation, maybe, make sure that your cockatiel buddy gets its daily dose of nutrients. Continue placing the pellets among the seeds, vegetables, and fruits, and let your pet choose.

We must mention here that the vets emphasize never to stop feeding seeds all of a sudden. Forceful attempts will not make your bird love pellets. On the flip side, a sudden absence of seed nutrients may lead to health deterioration.

Suitable Fruits and Veggies for Your Cockatiel: The Best Alternatives to Processed Bird Food

Say your cockatiel is finally getting acquainted with the pellet mixes. Lately, they seem to be liking it. But it should not mean you eliminate the fruits and veggies. Studies suggest that an ideal diet for a pet cockatiel must contain 25% pulpy fruits and leafy greens.

However, there are some strict “NO-NO” ones that you must always keep away from them. We do not recommend vegetables with a high-water content like celery or head lettuce because of their less to no nutritional value. For the record, you must never feed them Avocados. They can prove to be fatally toxic for your little pal.

Always remember to slice the fruits and vegetables into small manageable pieces. It will also encourage foraging. Remember to wash the pulps and greens thoroughly to eliminate any chemicals or toxins.

Cockatiels often tend to take a fancy towards a particular food and avoid others. If you find that happening with any specific fruit or vegetable, you can remove them from the diet for a short while.

List of vegetables Cockatiel eat

  • Pumpkin
  • Carrot
  • Dried tomatoes
  • Broccoli
  • Chard
  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Beet Green
  • Cauliflower

List of fresh fruits Cockatiel eat

  • Apple
  • Banana
  • Mango
  • Papaya
  • Blue Berries
  • Apricot
  • Grapes
  • Nectarine

There is a wide variety of “good pieces of stuff” that you can feed your cockatiel. Your companion can enjoy pomegranate, pumpkin, grapes, kale, beet, cucumber, orange, strawberry, sweet potato, cantaloupe, cherry (without stone), kiwi, etc.

With training, they can eat dried fruit also.

What Other Foods Can a cockatoo parrot Feed on?

If you wonder whether your pet cockatoo parrot can enjoy ‘our kinda food,’ the answer is yes! Any nutritious and balanced meal is suitable for a cockatiel. You can even give your pet a meal of cooked meat, egg, fish, or cheese. However, moderation is the key.

Foods to Avoid

It is also not recommended to crave your cockatiel’s hunger by feeding chocolates, caffeine, or carb-rich fast food. Avoid these at all costs.

  • Avocado
  • Chocolate
  • Caffeine
  • Salty packaged food
  • Apple seeds
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Mushrooms
  • An artificial sweetener like Xylitol, contained foods

Different Needs at Different Stages: Let’s Talk About It

It is pretty standard for cockatiels to have different and unique requirements depending on their age and stage in life. It is an absolute no-brainer that needs a young or baby cockatiel that might differ from those laying eggs or raising its young ones.

Stress and injury can also call for special dietary attention. Several commercial brands formulate food pellets for cockatiels keeping these requirements in mind. You can always consult a vet if your pet companion needs a specially curated diet.

Wrapping Up

There you have it! Feeding a cockatoo parrot need not be a hassle if you keep a check on the nutritional value.

All you need is to make sure that the fruits and veggies are fresh and organic. Throw in a bit of seed mix rich in omega fatty acids and food pellets, and you are good to go.