Best Dog Foods For Pancreatitis: All You Need to Know

Your canine friend needs all the attention and care when it comes to health risks and well-being. They are prone to health issues and problems if you are ignorant of their diet. If you are feeding them pieces of food out of your plate, deeming it harmless, you may be wrong.

Dogs can experience pancreatitis, and it is a severe issue for them. It is generally the result of feeding them a high-fat content diet leading to overweight. It causes inflammation of their pancreas that can result in chronic health issues for your pawsome friend.

So, is pancreatitis prevalent among dogs? Yes. Is there a treatment or ideal canine food suitable to cure it? Of course, yes!

Let us help you recognize the causes, symptoms, and the best available dog food to cure pancreatitis in canines.

Top 6 Best Dog Food Brands for Pancreatitis

It can be a challenge to pick the appropriate canine food suitable for pancreas disease. It can be daunting to balance the nutrient and adequate fat levels to feed your pets. What does the vet recommend?

The majority of the experts will suggest you a low-fat diet for your pet. Your canine should follow this particular strict diet till it sheds some extra weight and returns to normalcy.

Below, we have a list of a few doggy food brands that promote a healthy diet and help your puppy manage their weight.

Eagle Pack Natural Dog Food

For an overall nutritious and healthy diet for your puppy, Eagle dog food is an excellent option. Packed with healthy nutrients and vitamins, this brand is a must-try for all canines. Additionally, they even contain fatty omega acids and antioxidants that help to promote overall health.

Additionally, this formula is rich in top-quality animal protein to cater to the lost energy and strength. If you are concerned about low-fat levels, then this could be your best bet.

Blue Buffalo Formula for dogs

This particular canine food formula will help you manage your pet pancreatitis to a great extent. Composed of mainly chicken and brown rice, they are rich in protein and antioxidants. These canine food diets are light on their stomach and help in easy digestion.

Royal Canin Dog Food

These are a low-calorie diet food for your pet and are suitable for puppies with chronic pancreatitis. They contain grain and, wheat and barley as the main ingredients that cater to the carbs requirements of your canine.

With average levels of protein and fiber, this is a classic dog kibble for your furry friend.

Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Fish Dog Food

For pancreatitis and canines with a sensitive stomach, this brand is ideal. The reason being, they contain moderate levels of both fat and protein with the right amount of fiber content.

These grain-free diets are easy on your pet’s stomach due to their nutrient-rich content. With salmon and sweet potatoes as ingredients, they ensure your pet pooch can easily digest it while recovering from pancreatitis.

Nulo Dry Dog Food

This dry food diet is free of harmful preservatives, chemicals, and corn that can irritate your pet’s intestine. It contains fish oil as one of the highly effective ingredients to cure pancreatitis in the early stages.

Additionally, they contain Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids. With probiotics and antioxidants, this diet encourages the holistic well-being of your four-legged friends.

Earthborn Holistic Dog Food

If your doggy is overweight and needs to overcome some pounds, Earthborn Holistic would be one of the best dog foods for pancreatitis. Designed carefully with low-fat elements that include turkey meals and nutritious grains.

Besides, they come packed with fruits and veggies like spinach that eases the digestion level of your pup. If your pet hound is overweight and needs to go easy on its diet, this is well fitted for them.

Pancreatitis Symptoms in Dogs

There is a wide range of symptoms that your four-legged friend may display, ranging from acute to mild. As a result, you need to keep a watch on symptoms that may seem different than normal.

Abdominal pains, vomiting, diarrhea, feeling lethargic, and fever is a few common symptoms. The symptoms and signs can vary among canines, and hence it is always recommended to consult a vet.

A vet will help you figure out if the symptoms are of pancreatic disease or not. They will carefully examine their health, run some necessary tests and an X-ray of their abdominal. Based on the severity of the issue, they will prescribe appropriate medications and diet.

Causes of Pancreatitis

If your canine friend has never had pancreatitis, then probably you are doing something right. That doesn’t mean they aren’t prone to this illness. You may have to be observant of what you feed your furry friend.

If you have the habit of feeding them food rich in fat and carbs, then it’s time to shun those habits. Canines have a sensitive digestive system, and hence it becomes crucial to monitor their everyday diet.

As we mentioned, causes the inflammation of the pancreas that can severally affect its functioning. It can be either acute or chronic. It can lead to major distress for your pupper.

A low-quality kibble and unlimited treats can have adverse effects on your canine. If your pet friend shows signs of this disease, they will need immediate medical attention followed by strict diet control.

Few other causes of inflammation of the pancreas in canines that you should be aware of:

  • Overweight and an unhealthy lifestyle
  • Pancreatic infections
  • Suffering other medical conditions like diabetes or high levels of fat in the blood
  • Due to the consumption of medications and toxins
  • History of this disease in the breed or family

Treatment for Pancreatitis in Dogs

If your furry friend gets detected of pancreatitis, you should not panic. As a pet parent, it is normal to feel concerned and stressed when your pet gets hospitalized. However, there is a cure for everything.

In this case, it is clear since there’s no proven cure or treatment for pancreas inflammation. A low-fat diet and food rich in fiber is the best medicine for its digestive system.

Your dog’s healthy diet should have adequate levels of protein. The significance of this increases, especially in cases of pancreas disease. Due to inflammation of the pancreas, it may be a challenge for them to digest high-fat content kibbles.

To fix a well-balanced diet for them, pick a dog food with high content of animal proteins. Followed by digestible carbs, low-fat, fiber, and probiotic supplements. A meal with all these components will do the trick.

What are the Essential Ingredients You Should Consider for Dog Pancreatitis?

Planning your dog’s diet can go a long way in curing their pancreas disease and avoiding its occurrence in the future. For this, you need to be mindful of the ingredients their diet contains. Let us help you out with this:

  • Low fat
  • Moderate levels of protein
  • Combination of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals
  • Probiotics and useful enzymes
  • Fish Oils

Final Verdict

Being a pet parent can be a daunting responsibility. It is even more of a trial when your pet puppy suffers due to an ailment. Inflammation of the pancreas can sound a bit overwhelming, but with the right balance of diet and care, your furry friend will heal in no time.

With a low-fat diet and balanced food for pancreas disease, your furry companion can savor a healthy and wholesome life again.