Best Cockatiel Cage for your feathered friend

Best Cockatiel Cage – An Introduction Cockatiels are some of the most beautiful birds that exist on our planet. They are small parrots called quarrians and are members of the cockatoo family, which originates from Australia. These birds are as intelligent as they are beautiful. This very trait of theirs makes them easy to train. … Read more

Cockatiel Care

Introduction to Cockatiel Care Did you happen to recently welcome a cockatiel into your life as your new pet? Well then, congratulations! Your life is about to get so much better. Regardless, getting new pet ushers in excitement and challenges for anyone at any stage in their life. Cockatiels, in particular, are known to be … Read more

Best Cockatiel Food [Quick Tips for your Cockatiels Diet]

Best Cockatiel Food: A Pet cockatoo parrot Owner’s Guide Cockatiels are types of parrots native to Australia. As with all wild birds, they feed primarily on fruits, seeds, and millet. So many aspects to talk about, we can go about it all day! To keep it practical, how about we learn one at a time. … Read more

Best pet birds for beginners [Simple Guidance For You]

Best pet birds for beginners Budgie, cockatiels, lovebirds, parakeets, and canaries are some of the best pet birds for beginners. These types of pet birds are easy to care for and will not require much of a time commitment. A house can be quite lonely without a pet but there are those people that don’t … Read more

Best Parrot Foods that Will Make Your Birds Healthy [Important Facts]

Best Parrot Food – An introduction to psittacine’s Diet Parrots are beautiful green avian creatures with red beaks. They make for excellent pets and keep you entertained all day through. Well, to do that, they need energy, don’t they? They get their energy and nutrition from various food items. Just like humans, your precious small … Read more

What Birds Eat Safflower Seeds?

What is a Safflower Seed? Where does it come from? Safflower is a seed of a common safflower plant called Carthamus tinctorius. It is a herbaceous plant together with the sunflower that is a great source of food for the birds. It has various colors such as red, orange, and yellow with a foliage accent. … Read more

Egg Food for Budgies: Benefits of egg food for budgerigar [Complete Guide]

Egg Food for Budgies Egg Food for Budgies: Eggs are important food sources for budgies during mating, egg-laying season, and molting. They provide essential nutrients like proteins, fats vitamins, and minerals. In this article, we discuss, how to feed eggs to pet budgies. Budgies and Introduction: In the United States, the budgie, also known as a budgerigar, … Read more