How Much Wet Food To Feed A Dog?

One of the greatest puzzles of pet parenting is how much food to give to your fur baby. The case is similar to wet food. Often, new parents who try out canned food require time to get used to the idea of this kind of meal. Does the question ‘How much-wet food to feed a … Read more

 What to Feed a Dog With High Liver Enzymes

If your pet dog is dealing with High Liver Enzymes, then it’s no wonder you’re worried and researching. Unfortunately, liver diseases have become common in dogs. The veterinarian might properly guide you with a diet plan, along with tests and medicines. You can also feed your dog with greens, fish, coffee, oatmeal, avocado, tofu, and … Read more

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Dog Cremated?

It can be heartbreaking to say goodbye to a pet that always waited by the door for you to come home. Nonetheless, dog cremation can provide you with some comfort during this difficult time. Planning a cremation can give you closure as well as help you process your emotions. Plus, it will ensure the process … Read more

Why Is My Dog Whining All of a Sudden?

Seeing your pet dog whine all of a sudden can be worrisome. It is important to think of ways to calm it and understand why it is whining all of a sudden. “Why is my dog whining all of a sudden?” Dogs whine to communicate their physical, mental, and emotional state. Whines have different types … Read more

Why Is My Dog Digging Holes All Of A Sudden?

Like barking and howling, digging holes is not an unusual activity for dogs. In reality, there are plenty of breeds that are great burrowers, including Chow Chows, Dachshunds, Siberian Huskies, Beagles, and more. While digging is natural for them, your dog may feel the urge to dig due to various reasons, and this should alarm … Read more

How To Remove Dog Tear Stains Naturally

Dog tear stains are one of the common causes of frustration among dog owners. Although it’s not a life-threatening condition, they are unattractive and may indicate other problems. Eye stains are characterized by red or brown discoloration around your dog’s eyes. These marks are usually hard to remove. Owners who constantly have to deal with … Read more

How To Dissolve Dog Poop In The Yard

Pooping is part of your dog’s daily routine … unless, of course, it’s constipated. But, generally, your furry friend likes to poop, and one of their best places to do its business is in your yard. Once your dog learns that it’s okay to defecate outdoors, there’s no stopping it from doing that. As a … Read more

How Much Zyrtec Can I Give My Dog?

Many dog owners are unaware of this, but dogs get allergies, too. The symptoms are similar to human allergies, which means that dog allergies also require proper attention and medication. One of the widely prescribed treatments for dog allergies is the over-the-counter drug Zyrtec. Although it’s originally meant for human consumption, many veterinarians recommend this … Read more

How Much Pumpkin To Give A Dog For Constipation?

Pumpkin or squash, whether natural or canned, is effective in relieving constipation in dogs. Thanks to its high fiber content, it can help your pup digest food better and ensure their healthy bowel movement. But, How Much Pumpkin To Give A Dog For Constipation? But did you know that over-feeding your dog with this fruit … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Chip a Dog?

How Much Does It Cost To Chip a Dog

How much does it cost to chip a dog? It’s a common question asked by pet parents, and the answer may surprise you. Microchipping is a relatively inexpensive procedure that could save you a lot of money and heartache in the long run. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the cost of … Read more