Cockatiel Care

Introduction to Cockatiel Care

Did you happen to recently welcome a cockatiel into your life as your new pet? Well then, congratulations! Your life is about to get so much better.

Regardless, getting new pet ushers in excitement and challenges for anyone at any stage in their life. Cockatiels, in particular, are known to be brilliant pets and one of the most friendly feathered friends you can hope to have.

It might, at times, be even intimidating dealing with a new pet bird. That is especially the case with birds, and specifically cockatiels. It is natural to have many questions regarding giving your bird the best possible life and telling you that you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will dive into the nitty-gritty of cockatiel parrot to help you out with your pet bird woes. So please read on to find out how you can!

Cockatiel As A Pet

Before we get started with the A-Z of cockatiel care, let us first elaborate on the wonderfulness of this bird in the first place. For starters, many people believe that birds tend to be comparatively low on maintenance than their furry counterparts.

It may be valid for a certain few birds, but the cockatiel, for one, does not fall into this category. These birds require a lot of care and attention and tend to demand much of your time.

We are not trying to discourage anyone who wants to adopt a cockatiel. We offer a word of caution that it involves a considerable amount of love and understanding to care for them.

So here is a brief round-up of some of their essential traits to help you get better acquainted with them and the amount of cockatiel care you can expect to deliver.


Cockatiels have stunning feathers, undeniably. You would need to make sure that they receive regular baths to keep their feathers cuddly and soft.

They also preen their feathers on their own sometimes but expect to carry out the heavy-duty yourself to keep them in perfect condition.

These birds even tend to shake their feathers while preening, sending them all over the place. That might not be entirely suitable for people with allergies, but it is also an extra mess to clean up for anyone regardless.

A skin allergy or disease can cause feather plucking. Deficiencies in diet, parasites, and toxins are the other causes of feather plucking. The avian vet can easily identify the cause and treat it with proper Medications.


A cockatiel’s poop is relatively minor when compared to other sorts of pet droppings. That makes it easier to clean up as well. A dry paper towel can do the job as well.

But the easy-to-clean poop can turn out to be a significant inconvenience if left out for a long time. That would cause it to turn hard and quite difficult to get rid of.

You can expect it to be more complicated tenfold if it happens to be on any fabric or the couch. In which case, it can be extremely messy.


Few things are as soothing to the ear as a cockatiel’s chirps are. But they chirp all the time and quite loudly. Sometimes, it can be supremely high-pitched and annoying for your ear as well.

So if you are not someone who can efficiently deal with constant loud chirping, it might be something to think over once.


As we have mentioned before, cockatiel care can prove to be a challenging responsibility at times. There might be many times that you will feel that it is overwhelming and somewhat exhausting.

Cockatiels require a good amount of cleaning, caring for feeding. And in comparison to other birds, a lot more of your time and attention too. Before you adopt one, we recommend considering all the work you may have to invest behind it.

To be more specific, it is a constant cycle of feeding, watering, and cleaning up after. So much so that one misstep might bring about adverse results.

Cockatiels can be one of the best pets you can have. But if you want to have a cockatiel light up your life, you should also be ready for and well-versed with the challenges associated with it.

Caring For Your Cockatiel

As you go about preparing for the arrival of your new feathered friend and setting up their new home, you must have a lot of questions in mind. An educated guess tells us that we can narrow down these questions into these three broadly –

• Do cockatiels like to play with toys?

• What is the type of food that I should feed to them?

• How can you create the best living environment for them?

Fortunately, we happen to be adequately knowledgeable and experienced in this domain. We have made a comprehensive list of all the things to purchase or prepare for so that you will be able to provide the best cockatiel care that you can.

So please stick with us to find out all about how to ensure your pet cockatiel has a comfortable, happy, and safe home!

Cockatiel cage

Cockatiel’s cage size should be large enough to live there comfortably. For a pair of cockatiel birds, It is recommended that the cage should be a minimum20 x 20 x 24 inches in size.

Bird cage must have horizontal cage bars. Because pet cockatiel has a passion for climbing. Ensure that the bird’s cage is clean and dry.

Stands and Perches

Cockatiels are very social birds, and they require space to move around and amuse themselves or those around them freely. Therefore, a stand for the bird in its habitat will be a great addition.

It will allow them to enjoy some outside the cage time while staying in one place and being safe at the same time.

Almost all cockatiel bird cages already come with perches. But adding a couple more of them would help your cockatiel explore and play around more. It would also directly affect their overall good health.

Recommended Product: EBaokuup Bird Perch Stand Set

EBaokuup’s stand and perch set are almost tailor-made for small-sized birds like cockatiels. Concrete bird stands are considered to be painful for a lot of birds. But EBaokuup’s shelves and perches are made of natural wood, making it supremely convenient for the cockatiels.

It is an assorted set of ten pieces, including a wooden platform stand with dimensions measuring 11.4 x 4 inches. Apart from that, there are six wooden perches of 3 x 6.5 inches and three fork stand perches of 11.4 x 4 inches, respectively.

As you can determine, these sizes are perfect for cockatiels to perch or jump around firmly.

The natural wood material makes for a perfect grip. Your bird can easily stand with perfect ease without slipping off, unlike with concrete-made perches. It also comes with a metal hook that you can easily fasten to the cage or outside it with a screw.


• Easy to install

• Devoid of any chemicals or pungent odors

• Relatively low priced


• Not suitable for use by multiple birds at once

cockatiel’s diet care

While feeding these little birds, make sure the bird’s diet must have seeds like sunflower seed, safflower seed, millet spray, bird seed mix, and egg.

There are two aspects to keep in mind regarding the right food and diet for your cockatiel.

Optimal Nutrition

Excellent bird food is necessary for your bird’s overall good health and can provide an adequate amount of nutrition at the same time.

Recommended Product: Kaytee Exact Rainbow Premium Daily Nutrition For Cockatiels

Kaytee’s bird food products are fortified for providing the best possible nutritional value in every bite. The premium extruded bird food is considered to be the preferred choice for avian nutritionists and bird enthusiasts.

Keeping true to its name for more than 25 years now, each of Kaytee’s bird food nuggets consists of the ‘exact’ nutrition required for the growth of your birth. It is devoid of any shells, seed hulls yet perfectly balanced to promote better plumage, bright colors, and improved heart and brain health.


• Contains Omega-3

• Contains probiotics and prebiotics

• Doesn’t create a mess and is 100% consumable

• Naturally preserved


• Doesn’t have a great taste

Gourmet Variety

cockatiel diet would require a diet with a variety of nutritious grains. That would include fruits, vegetables, and seeds.

Recommended Product: Kaytee Fiesta Bird Food For Cockatiels

The Kaytee Fiesta bird food has been formulated, specifically keeping cockatiels in mind. It is rich in nutrition, yet of a gourmet diet make. It consists of a premium mix of grains, seeds, vegetables, and fruits.

These ingredients collectively offer great taste and variety but ample nutrition at the same time. In addition, it also supports digestive health and helps in developing better plumage too.


• Contains Omega 3s

• Contains antioxidants

• Naturally preserved

• Has a great taste


• Relatively expensive

Bird Toys

Just like any other pets, cockatiels too require enriching activities and entertainment for maintaining a content life. One way to ensure this is by getting them bird toys. In this way, they get occupied even when you are not there to entertain them.

Anything from audible toys, hanging chews, swings, or ladders that allow physical activities work great with cockatiels.

Recommended Product: Deloky 7 Packs Bird Parrot Swing Chewing Toys-Hanging Bell Bird Cage Toys

Delokys’ 7 Pack set consists of seven different types of pieces to ensure complete entertainment for your bird. It includes bells, a swing, a ladder, and chew toys. These items contain several layers so the bird can move from toy to toy and have many exercises.

These toys are also multi-purpose. They are made of natural wood and designed so that your cockatiel can rest their feet while having elevated spaces to climb, chew and swing around at the same time.

All the toys have a built-in hook that easily allows you to fasten to any part of the cage. Even in case of any issues, the company provides full round-the-clock support to help you out with anything.


• Easy to install

• Safe to use material

• Multi-purpose bird toys

• 100% hand made


• Not durable for prolonged use

Bird Treats

Bird treats are not typically a necessity, but they can prove to be extremely helpful when it comes to making your pet happy. This process also makes for a great way to bond with your new pet.

It doesn’t take a pet owner to tell you that developing a bond with your new pet can turn out to be quite a fulfilling experience. In this context, treats can be an added advantage. That is because treats help you to express praise and affection for your pet and show how much you love them too.

But also be warned that pets have small stomachs, so you should give treats in limited amounts.

Treats also prove to be quite helpful if you intend to train your pet. And cockatiels can sometimes be hard to train. Treats have proven to help cockatiels talk, whistle, learn words, and more. So if you can use your goodies in a good way, you can offer cockatiel care of the highest quality.

Recommended Product: Vitakraft Cockatiel Treat Sticks

Vitakraft’s bird treat sticks are of honey and apple flavor, which makes them quite alluring for your cockatiels. What is even better is that these treat sticks are triple baked so that you can be assured of their fantastic taste and extra crunchiness.

When it comes to training your cockatiel, few things would compare to or prove as efficient as Vitakraft’s honey and apple-flavored treat sticks. They are also specially concocted to provide extra physical stimulation and do away with boredom.


• Great taste

• Long-lasting

• Comes with a natural wood stick

• Contains vitamins and nutrient-rich ingredients

• Contains specially selected grains


• Relatively expensive

• It can go hard and stale if left out for long

Final Words On Cockatiel Care

If you are someone who prefers a bird of small size but who is still as lovable, active, and affectionate as a parrot, the cockatiel is the right bird for you. They require a relatively more minor amount of space and are known to be quite pleasant and gentle.

These birds are prized all over the world for their lovable and loyal nature. If you are a first-timer in terms of having a bird as a pet, then the cockatiel is the best option for you to start with, for they will surely enrich your life as no other breed will.

And when you do adopt one, keep our carefully curated checklist handy. We are optimistic that you will agree with us that these tiny birds can turn out to be excellent companions and will love you just as much as you shower them with cockatiel care.