Dog Grooming 101: How Often Should I Give My Dog A Bath?

If you own a dog, you would already know that they cannot resist rolling around in dirty, muddle puddles. It calls for an immediate bath. However, do you know how often you should bathe your dog outside these situations?

Just like humans, your dog can also get a bit stinky if they do not have regular baths. However, there are a few dogs that get by just fine without a regular wipe down.

But what about puppies? Do they require baths as well? If so, how often do they need a bath? If these are the questions on your mind, don’t worry!

Because by the end of this article, you are guaranteed to have a clear understanding of how often your healthy dog or puppy needs a bath, the things you need to consider before their bath, and how to dry them off as well.

So let’s dig in, shall we?

Why Do Dogs Require Baths?

Whether your canine companion loves to take a long, refreshing bath or simply trembles when they hear the words “bath time,” it is necessary that your dog gets a bath now and then.

In general, dogs do not frequent washes. However, if your pup starts to smell, it might be time for their bath. Hence, a healthy dog does not need to be bathed unless they start to get a bit stinky.

A lot of new dog owners start to give their dogs baths very often. While it is very important to keep your pooch clean, you should not give them baths very frequently. By doing this, you might dry their skin which in turn will contribute to other skin disorders.

Additionally, giving them frequent baths will also get in the way of their flea and external worming treatments.

How Often Should You Bathe & Groom Your Dogs?

If you are thinking, “How often should I give my dog a bath?” just know that, on average, your canine companions need to be bathed once every month. But do not prolong this period and keep your pooch unwashed for more than three months.

In this section, we will walk you through the basic guide on dog grooming and bathing based on their age.

Bathing for a Healthy Adult Dog

An excellent rule of thumb when it comes to dog baths is to bathe them once a month.

You can bathe them under a shower or in a large tub, but keep in mind to use lukewarm water. Pair this with a gentle yet refreshing dog shampoo.

If your dog has any underlying allergies or any skin conditions, you might have to bathe them with a shampoo medicated by your vet. Moreover, the shampoo you use should not dry out their skin or coat. So make sure you use a moisturizing, soap-free, gentle formulation.

If you are not sure of the best type of shampoo, you can use on your pooch, consult with your vet or a local groomer. This way, you can find the right formulation for your mutt.

Moreover, keep in mind to not bathe your dog more than once every week! Unless the vet recommends the rule, stick to bathing your dog once a month.

While you are bathing your dog, be wary of any bumps, lumps, or just any changes in their skin. If you happen to find something concerning, talk to your vet immediately, as this could indicate other underlying health issues.

Bathing for a New Born Puppy

There is a first time for everything, even for buying a puppy. If this is your first time adopting a cute little canine, congratulations! Now, to answer the main question on your mind, “how often should I give my dog a bath?”

The answer to this mostly depends on the age of the little pooch. That is because puppies rely on their mothers a lot when they are 8 to 12 weeks old. It includes feeding, cleaning, and proper grooming as well. So, if your puppy is around this age, it’s best to leave the care and cleaning of the pup to the mother.

Suppose the mother is not available and the puppy is in dire need of a bath, you can give them a quick bath at your house (this is assuming you have brought them home when they are eight weeks old or above).

Make sure not to use any harsh shampoos or other products with a strong fragrance. Use lukewarm water and gently clean them off with puppy shampoo.

What You Need to Consider Before You Give Your Dog a Bath

If you have a dog that gets excited at mud puddles and dirt, chances are you would give them more frequent baths than a dog that loves to lounge around. However, there are a few exceptions on the frequency of dog baths.

For example, dogs with short coats or other hairless breeds will require a lot more maintenance. Therefore, before you bathe your dog of any breed, there are a few things you need to consider before you get started.

The Type of Coat

When compared to the short-coated breeds, long-coated mutts require more frequent grooming and baths. However, some mutts have thick coats. That includes Huskies, Retrievers, and other breeds. When these varieties are given frequent baths, you might be stripping their skin of the essential oils.

While this is not exactly true for all breeds, most breeds can have their skin and fur dried out if they take too many baths. If you think your dog has dry skin or other skin problems, consider asking your local groomer or vet for more guidance.

Their Activities

As mentioned before, there are a few dogs that simply love to run into the rain or mud puddles, especially when they know they aren’t supposed to do that. If your dog is also this ecstatic, you might be giving them frequent baths to remove the muck and yuck from their fur.

Their Health and Other Allergies

If you plan to adopt a puppy/dog with health conditions or allergies, talk to your vet to determine a proper plan for cleaning and maintenance. This way, you will be aware of how often you need to bathe them without overdoing it.

Moreover, dogs with allergies might require special dog shampoo. Using normal dog shampoo can further aggravate their allergies. Therefore, before you decide to give your pup a bath, make sure you check with the vet to find the best shampoo.

How to Dry Your Dog after Their Bath

Once you have properly shampooed your dog, make sure you rinse it off completely. The best way to dry them off is by using a couple of soft towels.

However, some dog owners also use a hairdryer. If you want to try this method, first make sure your dog is comfortable with it. That is because the sound of the hairdryer might frighten some dogs.

Before you try this, make sure you keep the setting warm or cool. Keep the nozzle of the dryer 18 inches (or more) away from your dog’s fur. It will prevent the chances of burns and overheating.

Choose the drying method your dog prefers, and dry them to the best of your abilities. After this, you can be fully entertained by their after-bath stunts! Make sure they are completely dry before they step outside as well. Otherwise, there’s a good chance you will be heading back to the tub!

Wrapping Up

So, there you have it, folks! Bathing your dog can be a challenge for both you and your furry friend. However, the process of bathing is in their best interest to keep them clean and healthy. Therefore, try your best to keep things calm and relaxing in the bath. This way, you will have no problems while bathing your pup.

However, if you are not confident about this, you can always book an appointment to have your dog groomed and cleaned by professionals. It will help your pet look good and feel great!