Heated Blanket for Cats

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Cats love to snuggle up into warm places. Any cat owner will vouch for the fact that cats love to be toasty and warm. In this article, we will discuss the types of heated blankets to keep your cat warm and happy.

Heated cat blankets are perfect for your cats as when the winter sets in, the heat from the radiator may not be sufficient for keeping them warm enough. While most owners worry about the electric wires in these blankets, the newer versions have more safety measures and can be a wonderful gift for your pet.

Do you know that cats also get aches and pains and cold weather can aggravate them? Using heated blankets can reduce these occurrences to a great extent.

In case the danger of electric shock or overheating still bothers you then you could also use non-electric heat reflective blanket which is without any wires or electricity. In fact, you could easily make these at home with some mylar, padding, and a little bit of ingenuity.

Do cats need a heated blanket?

Cats can easily regulate their body temperature. They do not need a heated bed but surely would welcome one.

In the winter months, cats would love a warm place to snuggle up in. Also, outdoor cats would benefit from something warm to lie on. If you have feral cats in your backyard then a heated blanket can help keep them warm.

Most pet owners ensure that there is some hay for their outdoor cats which is perfect for keeping them warm. Sometimes blankets can get wet and cause hypothermia. Hay stays relatively dry and can help the cats get some respite from the cold.

If the temperature is comfortable for you, it will be comfortable for your cat well.

Cats can tolerate warm temperatures as their body temperature ranges between 100.5 to 102.5 degrees.

That being said it is always advisable to maintain an optimal temperature between 72 deg F to 80 deg F at home. This is especially true for winters.

Long-haired cats might need less help in maintaining their body temperature ( as compared to the ones with short fur).

Are Heated Blankets Safe?

There are people who say that heated blankets are totally safe for cats. Then there is the other group which says these are totally unsafe.

Ultimately the choice remains with you and the cat. It could be possible that using the blankets may reveal the response of the cat to the artificial heating and establish its safety levels.

If your cat has no fur or has sparse fur, is still a kitten, is aged, is ailing then she will definitely appreciate the extra warmth provided by heated blankets.

Overheating in Cats due to Heated Blankets

Usually, cats do get up and move away if it is too hot for them, so they may not really be under the risk of overheating blankets. But if the cat looks uncomfortable or you sense that the cat is feeling uncomfortable please remove the heated blankets and provide some water for the cat.

How do you know if your cat is overheating?

Cats don’t have sweat glands all over their body. These are only present in their paws, lips, and chin.

If you notice any of these signs in your cat it can be an indicator that the cat is overheating.

  • Panting
  • Vocalizing
  • Rapid Heartbeat
  • Restlessness
  • Keeping their mouth open

Problems with Heated Blankets

Here are some of the concerns with heated blankets.

Shock and Fire

Cats love to knead. They are always kneading blankets, your clothes. It is kind of alarming when the cat starts kneading an electric blanket. Their claws can penetrate through the electric blanket and reach the wires.

This might shock them or can start a fire. It is always recommended to take extra precautions.

Monitor your cats, and ensure that their nails are always trimmed while around blankets.

Hide the electrical cords, plug points.


The heated blankets have electrical wires running through them, Cats can develop hot spots ( from long exposure) which can hurt your cat or worse start a fire.

It is important to remember that 105 degrees F and more is considered too hot for cats.

Cats can have a heatstroke which can result in organ damage.

Can cats suffocate

Young kittens should always be monitored around blankets. While cats are very sensible and can easily move out of harm’s way, a kitten, on the other hand, might not understand.

Cats should have entry and exit points easily available. They should also have an alternate place to sleep in. They should be able to easily move and breathe while using the blanket.

Material Used

Breathable material should be used in the blankets cats will be using. Some materials can cause allergies. Make sure that there are no holes or gaps in the material. Cat’s claws will definitely get stuck in these.

Also if it’s wool-like material kittens and cats might end up chewing on these.


While washing the blanket make sure you use laundry detergent suitable for cats. The covers of the electric blankets in most cases have a washable sleeve.

Cats are highly sensitive to detergents, smells, essential oils, and such things should be kept away from them.


If you are concerned that an electric blanket might not be right for your cat, you can always consider these options available.

Self-warming cat beds and pads

These beds require no electricity. The material lets the bed get warmed by cats’ own body heat. It contains reflective material that radiates cats body heat back when the cat lies on it. There are many options available if you are looking for a heated cat bed.

Pet heating Pad

Pet Heating Pads usually run on electricity. Keep the chords out of reach of your cats. Find something which is waterproof, the material should be easy to clean and should wear with cat.

Pressure-sensitive cat heating pad

If you are concerned with overheating your cat, you can get pressure-sensitive cat heating pads.

These will auto switch on/off when your cat moves on or off the pad.

Heated Mattress Pads

You can always opt for heated mattress pads which are sold for human use. These can be used instead of electric blankets.

Place a thick quilt over the mattress pad. This will protect it from the cat’s claws. Also, trim the claws often.

Heat Disc

These are discs you can heat up in a microwave. Place a fleece cover on it and it stays warm for a long time. Some discs are made of hard material and your cat may take time to get used to the stiff material.

In case you are going to buy cat blankets, here are few tips on blanket safety:

  • The pet should be able to move in the blanket.
  • The electric cords and wires should be well insulated
  • The blankets should not be too long
  • The material of the blanket should be breathable material otherwise it gets really uncomfortable for the cat
  • Make sure that the pet cannot pull the threads and end of the blanket using its claws and mouth. So tassels and threads sticking out are invitations to danger.

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