How Much Wet Food To Feed A Dog?

One of the greatest puzzles of pet parenting is how much food to give to your fur baby. The case is similar to wet food. Often, new parents who try out canned food require time to get used to the idea of this kind of meal.

Does the question ‘How much-wet food to feed a dog’ leave you confused too? Don’t worry, you are in the right place. Here is everything you need to know and the apt quantity needed to satiate your hungry little monster.

Why Wet Food?

A lot of you must have this question. Why should you give your furry mate a wet or canned meal? Is it even healthy? Well, here are some of the reasons why you can turn to this alternative:

It Has Extra Moisture

True to the name, such canned items have a lot more moisture compared to dry kibble. For puppies who don’t consume a sufficient amount of water, this is ideal. This prevents dehydration. Dogs who suffer from kidney ailments can also benefit from this.

If you want to switch to a juicy ingredients diet to enhance your canine companion’s health, we’d recommend you consult a vet before doing so.

It Is Easier To Chew

For senior doggies who have trouble with chewing, this kind of diet is an amazing fix. Sometimes, due to health reasons, vets remove these big boys’ teeth. Such meals come as a respite for them. These meals are easier to consume than dry kibble.

Of course, pups and humans don’t chew the same way. However, pups stills require the ability to crunch the kibble. If it is a task for your furry mate, this alternative can be a blessing for them.

It Is More Palatable To Your Pup

Such edibles don’t usually contain any preservatives and rather include real ingredients. Combined with veggies and real meat chunks, this meal becomes extremely palatable for your four-legged friend.

Moreover, we should always remember that canines have a much stronger sense of smell than any of us. Hence, we can deduct that canned food might smell much tastier and attract your pooch more than dry kibble.

It Has More Protein Compared To Other Kibble

It is usually packed with much more protein than other dog edibles. It also contains less carbohydrate content. Such meals have much more meat than their other competitors.

Of course, not all brands have the same nutrient ratio. Hence, you must check the ingredient list carefully before making a purchase.

Things To Consider When You Are Determining How Much Wet Food Is Ideal For Your Dog

You need to keep a check on multiple factors before deciding the number of gravy meals you want to provide your pooch with. We have listed them down below to help you:

Breed And Size Of Your Dog

It is quite simple. The larger your pooch is, the more they would need to eat daily. Certain breeds may require more nourishment than others because of a faster metabolism. Usually, such canned, juicy food is costlier than its dry counterpart.

Hence, you need to figure your budget if you go on a completely liquid diet with your larger breed.

The Pup’s Age

Younger pets require more nourishment than adults. With age, your fur baby’s metabolism rate decreases. Thus, keep a check on your pet’s caloric requirement to keep it as relevant as possible.

Is Your Pet Underweight Or Overweight?

If your pup is not at its ideal weight, you should definitely work out a diet chart to help keep them fit. You can make the chart with the professional help of a vet.

On the other hand, if your pup needs to shed a few pounds, it probably needs to exercise a lot. Again, with the help of your vet, you can chalk out an exercise and diet plan to help get your canine back in shape.

It will help if you consult your vet about the dietary plan with every changing season. Sometimes, these friendly beasts need those extra pounds during winters to keep them warm and preserve their energy.

The Pooch’s Activity Level

If your furry friend loves to play in the park, hike, run and is your partner in all your outdoor games, they might need more nourishment than a couch dog. Such babies burn more calories and need to keep a better diet to be fit and get enough nutrition.

Thus, you can chalk out a suitable diet plan with a professional nutritionist or vet to keep your baby in the best shape and stay as active as they are.

The Eating Frequency

You decide the frequency of how many times you feed your puppy. Some eat two times a day, while others may have 3-4 small meals spread throughout the day. If you have a breed that tends to bloat, we’d advise you to split its meals into frequent and smaller ones.

It is imperative to keep a check on the total amount of nutrition that your fur child intakes. Divide this amount into the number of meals you will be feeding. This method is amazing in preventing you from overfeeding your pet.

Tips To Feed Wet Food

Here are some tips for incorporating liquid pet-cuisines into your four-legged kid’s diet. With these parameters in mind, you can easily decide the apt amount that you have to give your doggie:

Do You Want To Mix Wet And Dry Meals?

For certain pets, both kinds might be beneficial. Thus, the best hack for you will be to mix both of them or put the liquid one over the dry one. This is also known as ‘topping.’

It makes the meal more appealing and exciting. The most important thing is to factor in the entire nutritional value when determining the ratio of each kind to feed.

Always Give Fresh Water

Your pooch should always have access to clean, fresh drinking water. The amount of water your dog intakes is independent of the type of meal they eat. Keep their bowl full and clean throughout the entire day.

Our canine friends don’t like water that has been sitting too long. Thus, ensure that water in their bowl is changed frequently.

Chalk Out A Plan To Take Care Of Your Pet’s Oral Hygiene

To steer clear of any leftovers stuck in your pet’s teeth and tooth decay, it is best to ask your vet about how to brush your pooch’s teeth with an enzymatic toothpaste.

Pups have to be sedated for dental cleanings. However, it completely depends on you. Try to keep with normal home cleanings to minimize professional ones.

Summing Up

And that is about it! Being a pet parent is as good as being a human parent. You require to put in the same efforts and care into raising both. Nutrition is one of the important aspects of all species’ lives.

The same goes for our furry mates. Hence, we should keep a special check on the amount we feed to them. Although you switch to liquid food, you should ensure that you provide the appropriate amount.

There are multiple factors you need to take into account before determining the amount. In this article, we have discussed all of those in detail. Hope it helps you!