How Often Should I Apply Diatomaceous Earth to My Dog

All the people in the dog-lovers community are aware of how good diatomaceous earth is for their babies! It is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to control fleas and parasites.

What’s more, it is readily available anywhere. You can go to any pharmacist or look it up, and you will find it. That is amazing. But one question that often puzzles is ‘How often should I apply diatomaceous earth to my dog?’ What is the correct frequency?

Well, you don’t need to worry anymore. This article will be your best how-to on DE! Let us get right into it!

What Is Diatomaceous Earth For Doggies?

DE is a fine greyish powder from the long-dead diatoms remains (a form of algae). It has silica, a very hard mineral. The texture has absorbent properties and is extremely coarse.

It is applied to plants as a means of pest control. It looks like a dusting of flour when used on a plant’s foliage or stem. But from a snail or bug’s point of view, the insecticide is like a deadly and dangerous field of jagged glass.

In today’s world, this pesticide has multiple uses. You can find food-grade DE that is safe for pet or even human consumption. But how much of it should be given to your four-legged friends? Let us find out.


Let’s talk numbers. The amount of DE you give to your dog depends on its size. Hence if your pet is:

  • A puppy or a small dog: Give them just 1/2 teaspoon per day with their food
  • Up to 50 lbs – Give them no more than one teaspoon per day in their food
  • Over 50 lbs: Give them one tablespoon per day along with their meal
  • 100 lbs and above: Feed them two tablespoons every day along with their meal

The best way to serve it is with moist or other raw food. If you want to feed it with dry kibble, add some broth or water to moisten the powder.

Another great trick is to rub some powder on the dog’s coat to decrease the chances of external pest prevention. You should start the process near their tail and pull back the fur to get it all on the skin.

It would help if you remembered to protect the eyes, mouth, and nose as it might irritate the mucous membranes. This is a good hack to get rid of fleas on your pup. For an even better result, sprinkle it on their bedding and carpets too. You can let it sit for three days and then vacuum or clean.

Diatomaceous Earth For Flea Control

Why do we want to apply DE on our pets? Let us talk about some of the amazing blessings you can receive with the help of this insecticide.

Flea Control

Everyone with a canine member in their family knows the struggle with fleas. These blood-sucking parasites can bring hell to your dog’s life. If one of these fleas gets a hold of your pup, they will lay thousands of microscopic eggs.

These monsters can cause extreme discomfort. Your fur baby will be super itchy and can also make you itchy. The pain of deep-cleaning your home will be the cherry on the top. Additionally, you have to clean your pet, their bedding and monitor them 24×7 for any new signs of infestation.

Diatomaceous Earth – A Back-Up for Preventives

Sadly, sometimes even preventives stand defeated against the monstrous invasion by fleas. Across the entire country, fleas are becoming more resistant by the day.

Thus, even if you are punctual with the monthly doses, there is still a chance that your furry kid can get fleas. Even if you are lazy with the preventatives, like missing a dose or giving too little of a dose amount, it might leave your pup unprotected from these parasites.

A Drug-Free, All-Natural Flea Treatment Alternative

Then what can you do? Well, of course, there are other old preventatives such as topical or oral drugs and flea collars. Many families are hesitant with these. And we understand. You don’t want to take any chances with your furball and your family. The ingredients used in these are sometimes controversial.

Some pet owners claim that the side effects can be quite fatal. So, if you want a better alternative, a natural one at that – use DE! Even if you want to skip the meds, this wonderful option can take care of that too!

How To Use DE For Fleas (And How Often)

This product can slaughter fleas because of its microscopically sharp edges. Don’t worry. You or your pup won’t be harmed at all since the edges are super tiny. However, for an insect, it is almost like crawling or walking over broken glass. Ouch!

It can easily pierce the outer shell and end their lives in a matter of few hours or, at max, days.

You can rub DE on your pup’s coat. If you fear that your pup has been exposed to a possible flea attack, sprinkle some on their coat and thoroughly brush it before a hike, walk, and other potentially risky activities.

You have to do it every time they go out in a flea-ridden area. Moreover, make sure to apply it even after they come back.

A point to note: It would be helpful if you are careful about applying it over the doggie’s eyes, mouth, and nose. Make sure it is not irritating or drying their skin. If the pup has dry skin, please don’t apply it to their skin too often.

Basic Precautions To Remember

There are certain precautions that you need to take when dealing with diatomaceous earth. Though it is non-toxic to pets and people alike, it can irritate the nose’s mucus membranes.

Thus, it would help if you remembered to wear a dust mask, as it can trigger your allergies. Also, we would suggest that you wear gloves to avoid getting DE on your hands.

Moreover, DE could be mildly irritating if you rub your nose or eyes and breathe it in. Thus, it is best to be extra careful if you don’t want the unnecessary hassle.

Finally, we’d advise you to avoid reapplication when it is a flower-blooming season. Why? Well, DE can repel or even kill pollinators or any other beneficial insects, as it is a non-selective insecticide.

Summing Up

That is all about DE! It is quite advantageous when it comes to helping pet parents getting rid of parasites. Fleas and other sorts of parasites can be extremely tough to deal with.

Often, preventives and other methods don’t work. However, DE is quite an amazing alternative. You can apply it to your pup every time they go out to a possible flea-infested area and also before they walk into the house.

Be extra careful with doggies who are hypersensitive to it as it might irritate them. It would be best if you also took certain precautions to avoid some unnecessary hiccups.

We hope this article answered your question about ‘how often should I apply diatomaceous earth to my dog’. Thanks for being here!