How Often Should I Give My Dog A Bath?

How Often Should I Give My Dog A Bath?

Dogs love getting dirty – rolling in the mud is like therapy for them! And only a bubbly bath can fix these dirty emergencies. However, barring these exceptions, how often do we need to cleanse our pups? Quite a tough question.

Just like us, some dogs can have a bit of a stink without regular washes. Others can get by just fine with a regular bum-wiping. It depends on various factors ranging from the dog‘s coat, underlying skin issues to their activity levels.

If you have been wondering, how often should I give my dog a bath, read ahead to get a grasp on it. We have listed everything you must keep in mind!

How Often Should I Give My Dog a Bath?

Usually, most dogs need to hit the shower only once a month. A lot of pet moms and dads also prefer bathing their kids more frequently and some less frequently. While it is okay, bathing your pup less than once in three months is not advisable.

Around fifty per cent of pet parents don’t bathe their pets as frequently as they ideally should, and almost sixty per cent rely on the sniff test – when the puppy stinks, it’s time to get them cleaned.

But what is the right way to get the ideal bathing timeline? Well, you need to weigh a few factors to make that decision.

Things to Consider

Here are multiple factors you need to consider before understanding how frequently you need to bathe your canine friend. There is no one-size-fits-all answer for this. It depends on a lot of multiple things.

Keeping the following parameters in mind, you can decide the ideal bathing frequency.

  1. The Dog’s Age
  • Puppies: For the eight-twelve weeks, the mother of the puppies is solely responsible for grooming her kids. Once you get them home, ideally after they are eight weeks old, you can bathe them.
  • Healthy Adult Dogs: One easy rule to follow is showering your pet once a month with gentle dog-specific toiletries and warm water. A moisturizing or soap-free formulation is the best to avoid any skin drying. check for any bumps or skin conditions
  1. Coat

Your fur bay’s luscious curls are an important factor when it comes to how often you need to wash them. Long-haired and curly-haired breeds usually need more grooming and baths to ensure that their coats do not mat. It would help if you showered them at least once every four to six weeks.

Breeds such as huskies, retrievers and other thick-coated breeds have the chance of losing essential oils if they bathe too frequently. A lot of such breeds are prone to skin and fur drying. Thus, it is best to take advice from your vet and fix a schedule best for your baby.

In comparison to long-haired breeds, short-haired breeds require fewer grooming sessions. Labradors and other such breeds can easily live without frequent baths as long as they stay comfortable and healthy.

Corded coated babies like Komondor and Puli don’t need much cleansing. They can skip regular showers. Their cords are water-repellent and washing off shampoo is. Extremely tough. Though they are a bit high maintenance with all their cords, many baths shouldn’t be included in the care package.

We haven’t forgotten our furless four-legged friends. Hairless breeds such as Chinese crested dogs who don’t have a protective coat need weekly showers; also, with pups with oily skins such as basset hounds and cocker spaniels, you might prefer regular baths. These baths reduce oil buildup.

  1. Activity Level

Lazier pups who love lounging around the house and cuddling with you can get away with less frequent wash-ups. This happens because there is usually no mud emergencies and other dirt situations at home. They are likely to stay clean.

However, with all of the dog-owners who have super hyper babies who love playing fetch for hours – well, frequent baths might be inevitable. If your four-legged friend has a habit of swimming or rolling in dirt regularly, you often need to clean them up.

Even athletic and well-behaved pets who don’t mess themselves up by digging holes or chasing squirrels might need a bath more often. This helps in keeping them from stinking.

  1. Skin Problems or Allergies

Special pups have special bathing schedules. Some dogs might have underlying skin problems or allergies that call for timely cleansing with prescribed medicated shampoos.

In these cases, only your groomer or vet can decide the appropriate frequency at which you need you to need to bathe your companion. Would you mind paying attention to their instructions and following the routine religiously?

A regular wash with colloidal oatmeal shampoos can be a source of relief for your pets who suffer from itchiness. Bathing is also an excellent solution for keeping ticks and fleas at bay for dogs who do not like topical or oral parasite treatments.

Even some external allergies might call for more frequent baths. Contrary to popular belief, dog skin is much sensitive than that of humans. Hence, don’t even think about using your shampoos for your pets. They might be harsher.

So basically, do your research well if your pup has such underlying issues. After all, they deserve the best care.

  1. Pet Owner’s Needs

Your needs, comfort and health also need to be considered as a pet owner. A lot of pet parents might benefit if their fur babies shower often.

If you have an allergy to pet dander and your pet tends to get outdoor allergens, frequent baths might be the solution to your breathing problems.

Also, let us agree – we love cuddling with our fur babies on our couches and beds. However, none of us wants smelly beds. So, a bath at the very first sign of pet stink might make your life a lot easier.

The Billion Dollar Question – How Much is Too Much?

We all want clean and tidy pups in our houses. But please understand, too much bathing can harm your babies. It can lead to stripping of their natural, essential oils. The oils are necessary for the protection of coat and skin.

Stripping of such oils can lead to itchiness and dryness. However, if you prefer showering your pooch more than once a month, please buy moisturising shampoos. These shampoos can work as moisturising agents.

And finally, be sure to get advice from your vet. They know the best. Every pup is unique. The vet can suggest a personalised bathing routine by considering your pet’s lifestyle, health, and breed.

To Sum Up

Every pup is required to bathe. It is a necessity. How often you bathe your fur child is up to you and plays a huge role in maintaining health and hygiene of both you and your pet.

Dogs should follow a bathing timeline that is suited only for them. A lot of factors like their coat, underlying skin issues, activity levels play a role in deciding how frequently you must bathe your pet.

We hope our article gave you a solution to your question,- “how often should I give my dog a bath”. Now, it is time to give your dog a thorough and relaxing bath, even if they hate it!