What Birds Eat Safflower Seeds?

What is a Safflower Seed? Where does it come from?

Safflower is a seed of a common safflower plant called Carthamus tinctorius. It is a herbaceous plant together with the sunflower that is a great source of food for the birds. It has various colors such as red, orange, and yellow with a foliage accent.

Furthermore, safflower seeds are a little smaller compared to sunflower seeds. They are white in color and have sharp ridges. It is high in fat, fiber, and protein which make it an ideal food for a bird feeding station.

Thus, safflower seed is a favorite food of a backyard bird. These birds gather around a place where safflower is growing in number. If you are a bird feeder, a safflower seed is one of the best types of food to fill your bird feeding stations.

Usage and importance of safflower don’t stop as a portion of food for songbirds. It is also a good repellent to chase away the rodents like squirrels and grackles. As a bird feeder, it is ideal to keep all notorious species away from the station.

Feeding Wild Birds

Seasons change in a certain period of time. So, living and non-living things need to make some adjustments for the food they need. Specifically, birds are animals that need extra care during weather transitions.

Feathered creatures take interest in the food they want during a specific period of time. For instance, feathered creatures eat safflower seeds during winter or sunflower seeds in summer. Thus, birds travel just to escape extreme weather conditions.

Birds, especially small ones, seek food for survival in the wild. Because of various weather changes, these feathered creatures experience dehydration and starvation.

About 80% of people recognized the significance of birds feeding. Feeding backyard birds satisfies both the area and the people living in it. Thus, knowing what type of seed and the exact amount of nutrition can help the birds to live freely.

If you’ve noticed a few backyard feathered creatures in your garden, it is time to spare a little time and let them have a bite of something. It is detrimental to know what types of seeds are suitable for a certain bird species.

Regardless of any reason, it is very important to know the right type of seeds for feeding. Also, it is ideal to let the feathered creatures have enough nutrition.

You might start asking, “What type of seeds do the birds eat?” or “What birds eat safflower seeds?

List of Safflower-Eating Birds

As mentioned above, safflowers are a great repellent against larger-sized birds. As a bird feeder, it is important to keep the seeds safe. Now, it is ideal to know what kinds of birds eat safflower.

One thing to know, cardinals loved eating safflower seeds. It is a kind of bird from North America with a crested thick-billed. Here is a list of the kinds of safflower eating birds:


  1. Blue jays
  2. Buntings
  3. Cardinals
  4. Chickadees
  5. Doves
  6. Grosbeaks
  7. Nuthatches
  8. Quail
  9. Titmice
  10. Woodpeckers

Some birds break open the hulls to eat the meat inside the seed. Other birds store the seeds like how they usually do with sunflower seeds. Yet, there are few birds that don’t enjoy safflower seeds.

Rodents like squirrels and grackles don’t enjoy safflower. Moreover, it is bitter making it an ideal repellent. Thus, other bird feeders use safflower to protect their garden from rodents.

Safflower Seed: NUTRITION FACTS Per 100 gram

Macro Nutrients

  • Total Fat 38.45 g
  • Carbohydrate 34.29 g
  • Protein 16.18 g
  • water 5.62 g

Micro Nutrients

  1. Phosphorus 644 mg
  2. Potassium 687 mg
  3. Magnesium 353 mg
  4. Iron 4.9 Mg
  5. Copper 1.747 mg
  6. Zinc 5.05 mg
  7. Calcium 78 mg
  8. Manganese 2.014 mg
  9. Sodium 3 mg

Should you feed birds with Safflower during winter?

Just like any other living being, feathered creatures fed themselves to stay alive. The Winter season is a battlefield where birds strive to keep themselves warm and full. Here are some reasons why it is important to feed birds during cold seasons:

Depletion of Water Sources

Birds find it difficult to store and look for water sources during winter. Water reservoirs, rivers, and lakes get frozen which can cause dehydration. Making a feeding station can help birds have enough food for the day.

During winter, days are shorter which makes it harder for the birds to stay warm at night. So, feeding the birds with safflower during winter helps in keeping them warm and full.

Prevent Rodents from Eating Small Birds

Winter is a season that makes it harder for rodents to live. Squirrels, grackles, raccoons, and stray cats often look for birds to feed themselves. As a bird feeder, it is important to place the feeding stations where only birds can reach.

It is important to know that some feathered creatures eat safflower seeds to keep themselves from being hungry. Of course, your feeding stations will also serve as a hide-out for small birds.

Lack of Food and Nutrition

In winter, fruits and other sources of food are nowhere in sight. By providing safflower seeds, the birds will be able to keep their diet right. With the right amount of calories, no bird will experience mess

Preparation for Spring Mating Through Bird Feeding

Feathered creatures that are healthy during winter can have a successful spring mating season. The offspring will be healthy and strong. It will be heavier than the normal weight and the egg-laying will happen earlier than expected.

How To Give Safflower Seeds To The Birds?

Feeding feathered creatures can be a challenging activity. You have to be keen and careful in doing so. At first, the birds might find the situation alarming. It is important to teach them that the food is on the feeding station.

As they become accustomed, you can now check the amount of seed intended for a certain group of birds. Of course, mixing safflower with sunflower seed can be a perfect food for the birds.

If you want to change the mixing, make sure that the birds like the new type of seed added. Mixing the wrong type of seeds might make the birds sick. So, keep yourself on track with the mixing of the food.

You can also use sunflower seeds as a stand-alone food for the birds. If you live in an arid area, you can plant your own safflower plant. This way, you will have no problem with the supply.