What To Do For A Constipated Dog

Constipation is a relatively common health problem that occurs in dogs. Therefore they also require cure and attention. Regardless of their breed and age, many may face constipation in which they cannot pass a normal stool on a routine basis.The article will tell you what to do for a constipated dog.

There are several reasons for constipation in a dog, and it is always good to treat them accordingly. Some dogs may develop severe constipation when the stool becomes too hard. In this case, it is necessary to take your dog to a veterinarian for proper medication and treatment.

In this article you will know how to treat constipation at home and when your dog needs to see a vet. You will also learn the most probable causes of constipation in dogs.

What causes constipation in Dogs?

There may be several possible reasons behind a it. It is essential to monitor the dog very closely to reach the underlying cause. Here are some possible causes of constipation.

Lack of Diet:

The dog will suffer from constipation if it does not eat enough.Inadequate diet affects bowel movement. Make sure you feed your pet enough to keep them healthy.

Junk Food:

Dogs can have a host of different reasons for constipation. Some common causes include eating things like bones, plants or garbage that contain little to no moisture which may lead up an obstruction in their colon due its hard textures!

Lack of Fiber:

When the food given to the dog contains an insufficient amount of dietary fiber, it may cause constipation. This type of constipation always goes away when you increase the amount of fiber in your dog’s diet.


If you take your dog out regularly for exercises or games, there will be fewer chances of constipation. As humans, body movement is important in dogs. If your dog remains inside the house all the time, just sitting or standing for few days, it may have constipation.

Old Age:

Older dogs have more chances of constipation than younger ones because naturally, due to age, old dogs become lazy, and their body movement becomes slow.

Renal Problems:

When kidneys do not function properly, dogs drink less water. Therefore there may be more chances of constipation.

Anal Sac Disease:

Anal Sac Disease creates anal problems in dogs, in which glands around the anal area are affected, which creates constipation problems.

Spinal Wounds:

If there is a spinal injury, the dog cannot move properly. The bodily movements are affected. Also it stops taking proper diet. Which will lead to problems like constipation.

Prostate Problem:

When a dog has a prostate disorder, it has a great chance of developing severe constipation. Neutering the dog at an earlier age helps prevent prostate diseases in the dogs.


The deficiency of water in a dog’s body is the main source of constipation. Let the dog drink plenty of water or give water and electrolytes solution for better hydration.


Like human beings, animals also go into depression. If dogs are not given proper attention, they have stress, and they start misbehaving. In such a case, they may have constipation.


If a dog has gone through surgery, then due to pain, it may face constipation.


Sometimes constipation is genetic. In some cases, it is possible that if the father or mother of a dog has constipation, then the child dog may also have the same.


If the dog has a tumor inside its body anywhere, it may cause constipation because of internal pain or blockage; its digestion system may be disturbed.

Side effects of Medicines:

When dogs are given certain drugs to treat their ailments, they often develop constipation due to its side effects. The advice of the vet is important in this case.

How to know your dog is constipated?

The following are some of the symptoms:

  1. Hard and dry stool passing for few days.
  2. Stool passing with pain, and the dog is having difficulty.
  3. Mucus is found in stool.
  4. Blood coming with stool.
  5. The dog is uncomfortable.

How to Treat a Constipated Dog at home?

There are several treatments for dog’s constipation that can be tried at home but in case it doesn’t resolve, you should visit your vet. Here are some tips and tricks that you can carry out at your home.

Bran Cereal:

It is any cereal with fiber in it, which can make the stuff inside the colon softer, hence makes the stool softer to exit.

Exercises and Games:

Take your dog out of your home in the ground or park and play games. Running is one of the best cures for constipation.

Excessive Water:

Give as much water as possible to the dog to drink. The main cause of constipation is the deficiency of water in its body.

Canned Dog Food:

This can be given to increase moisture in the colon of the dog.


Mineral oil is mixed with dog food which lubricates the colon. This is an old remedy but is still used by dog owners. It is better to use it after consulting with the vet because he can suggest the proper dosage.

How to cure Severe Constipation in dogs?

If this disease is not cured by these tips and tricks for a long time, it may be chronic constipation. At this stage, you must take the dog to the vet for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Laxative Solutions:

The dog owners should consult the vet before they give a laxative solution to the dog. These types of solutions are not safe and advisable for long-term use as they often cause dehydration.

Low-residue Diet:

In such types of diets, more nutrients are fed into dogs. It is a long-term solution for severe constipation, and there will be less waste pass. A low-residue diet is better than a high-fiber diet for the long term. However, you must take the advice of your vet before introducing this type of diet to your dog.


This is a painful procedure for a dog and should be avoided at home. In fact, it should be the last option of all treatments. If a mistake is done in this procedure, it may cause injury to the dog. Therefore keep it up to the vet. If he thinks it is required, he will do it.


The dog veterinarian may suggest some Enzyme-blocking and nerve-stimulating medicines for the cure of the dog’s constipation.


Dogs have some health problems; one of those is constipation. Dog owners should know the reasons why it occurs in dogs. Because understanding the cause will helps to cure the disease. There are several symptoms by which you would know that your dog has constipation. Many treatments are available, which you can give to the dog at home, dog veterinarian, but in case of severe constipation, you have to visit your veterinarian.