How To Make A Cat Hammock?

If there is anything that your feline loves to do, it is taking a nap. Why not add some variety to your cat’s cozy cove? Cats love to sleep on the floor or off the ground. That makes a cat hammock an excellent option for your little kitty.

For those into DIY crafts, it is super easy to make. However, you can also buy ready-made hammocks available in the market.

July 22 commemorates National Hammock Day. It celebrates the hammock, the universal symbol for relaxation.

Taking it a step further, you can design a simple, cost-effective hammock for your cat too! Here, we shall walk you through some creative DIY ideas for it.

Surprise Your Furball This Hammock Day

Do you know that cats sleep for 16 hours a day? It’s high time you give your feline friend a nice place to sleep.

A cat hammock is a rectangular-shaped bunk. You can choose the dimensions based on your pet‘s size.

Here are some pointers to keep in mind while making a cat swing from scratch:

  1. We used two fabrics to make this cat hammock. On one side of the unit, there is a sturdy fabric that’s easy to clean. You can also use Denim C pant legs sewn together. Use a terry towel or woolen blanket to form the other side of the hammock.
  2. You may even use the same cloth on both sides of the swing.
  3. When choosing the fabric, ensure that it’s sturdy, washable, and soft. Cats prefer softness and comfort over the cloth’s color.

Materials Needed to Make a Feline Hammock

You don’t need expensive materials to make it. Mentioned below are the things you need to make a bunk for your furry friend:

  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • A mid-range sewing machine
  • Mattress pad cover (you can buy mattress pad covers for lining)
  • Webbing for corned straps

Cut the Fabric

First, cut the fabric into two pieces to create a small, medium, or large-size cat hammock.

Make equal-sized pieces of fabric paddings.

Use a 27 by 17½ inch fabric if you want to make a large-sized hammock. For a small or medium-sized, use 22 by 13 ½ inch fabric.

Attach the Fabric to the Corner Tabs

This section focuses on how to attach the fabric pieces to the corner tabs.

  • Decide on the two pieces of fabric to attach to the corner tabs.
  • Take one webbing of 15 inches and fold it into two halves.
  • Attach the open endings to the four corners of the rectangular piece.
  • Sew in stitches repeatedly to reinforce the straps.
  • Repeat the steps until the four corners are secure in place.

How to Make a Cat Hammock with a Wicker Basket

If your little friend has a playful nature, the hammock stand will make a great choice. Make sure to hang it at an optimum height so that your cat can get into it. Also, ensure that the screw hooks can withstand the weight. These are the materials that you need to make a cat hammock with a wicker basket.

  • Wicker basket
  • Strong twine
  • Screw hooks for the ceiling
  • Bedding

How to Make a Ladder Hammock

Do you have an old ladder in the garage? It’s time to use it to create an upcycled hammock.

Secure the wooden slab with screws and attach the fabric to the base. You may use non-toxic paint to enhance its visual appeal. Securely tie the wooden stand with sisal ropes.

How to Make a Minimalist Hammock

Even simple fabric enhances the aesthetic of any home. For a hammock, you need to hand-stitch the fabric to pass it through the support.

Then, place the hammocks at a favorable height depending on your cat’s size.

Materials Needed to Make a Minimalist Hammock

  • Brackets
  • Wall plugs
  • Fabric
  • Threading machine (optional)
  • Screws

How to Make an End Table Hammock?

All you need for an end table hammock is space beneath a table and a few crafting supplies.

Choose a washable fabric and customize it to suit your home decor. You can also change them from time to time.

Materials Needed to Make a Table Hammock

  • Twill tape
  • Cotton batting
  • Fabric material

How to Make a Macrame Cat Hammock

Are you a creative macrame designer? If yes, this option is perfect for you. Select a design and the supporting strings of your preference. Coordinate it with the macrame hanger you have in place.

Materials Needed to Make

  • A macrame rope
  • Wooden or metal frame
  • Wooden Support

Wrapping Up

It’s time to give our little felines a nice place to nap.

We hope these easy-to-do cat hammock ideas helped you. Do let us know in the comments if your cat enjoyed relaxing.