Best Cat Tracker (The top 5 cat trackers for 2021)

Best Cat Tracker

Cats are one the most notorious pets one can own. They might appear to be house animals, but it isn’t easy to track them down if they slip out.

Being a loving pet parent, you wouldn’t stop the search till you find your cat. And searching for a huge place can be difficult. That is why you need the best cat tracker for your naughty pet.

Cat trackers are GPS-enabled collars that help you locate your cat’s position at any given time. You can use the mobile phone application to see where your cat is and bring it back home.

There are so many great options available in the market that it is easy to get confused.

Here are some of the best cat tracker options that you can consider before making a purchase.

Pawtrack GPS Tracking Collar

Most collars are designed keeping dogs in mind. However, Pawtrack GPS tracking collar is tailor-made for your cat’s delicate neck.

It is one of the most technically advanced collars available in the market. It comes with four levels of tracks that include WiFi, Galileo, GNSS, and GPS. As a result, these collars help you find the exact location of your cat at any time.

It comes in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. This collar is made with superior quality plastic with highly durable webbing that lasts longer.

It runs on two batteries, which need to be replaced every two days to provide continuous tracking.

The collar is controlled by a smartphone app that has a geofence area setting. This means you will get phone alerts to get in action if your cat leaves that particular area.


  • Designed for cats
  • Four level tracking system
  • Affordable prices


  • Small battery charge
  • Expensive monthly subscription

Findster Duo+ GPS Pet Tracker

Findster is a great quality GPS pet tracker that comes without a monthly subscription fee.

What makes Findster Duo unique is that it does not need any cellular connection for its functioning. It uses the MAZE technology that provides it an independent communication system.

With the lack of reliance on GPS tracking, this tracker can be used anywhere, even without a proper telecom signal. The tracker adapts to changing locations very quickly and allows you to monitor your cat in real-time at every second of the day.

Be it indoors, outdoors, cities, or wild, you can place your confidence in the amazing technology of this tracker.


  • Long-distance tracking with ease
  • Secondary radar tracking for better search
  • Independent of cellular signal


  • Can track your cat only on walk mode
  • Size can be an inconvenience for a small cat

Loc8tor TabCat RF Cat Tracker

Loc8tor TabCat is best suited for those who are looking for a budget-friendly cat tracker. It is small in size, specifically designed to fit your cat’s collar.

It uses a lightweight radio frequency to track your cat’s footsteps. It is a very intuitive system that delivers results with accuracy and consistency.

The lack of GPS technology makes it a budget fit but also makes tracking a bit challenging. For the radio sensor to work, you need to be at a 400-foot range of the tracker.

This means that you might have to do some initial searching on your own to get your cat’s exact location. Once the tracker is in range, the accuracy is truly unbeatable for the price you pay.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Accurate in providing the location
  • Perfect indoors and outdoors


  • A small range of 400-foot only

Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker

Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker is not specifically designed for pets, but it works perfectly well to determine your cat’s location.

It is an all-purpose locator that you can attach to the collar of your cat. It works on Bluetooth tracking and can be connected to any Tile app within 150 feet of the tracker.

It isn’t enough to track a cat on the loose, but you still get some confidence to start the search.

You can increase the range of the locator by connecting it to multiple phone apps. But that only works theoretically. You will have to be very sure about the location of your cat to start the search using Tile.

In all, this tracker is best suited to locate your cat indoors.


  • Can connect to any Tile mobile app
  • Very cheap and affordable
  • Reliable results indoor


  • Expensive on your battery life
  • Comparatively short tracking range

Cat Tailer Bluetooth Cat Tracker

The Cat Tailer is also specifically designed for cats and is quite similar to the Tile Mate. It has a small size that fits perfectly on your cat’s collar without hindering movement.

The range of this tracker is limited and won’t be of great help in case your cat runs outdoor.

It has a 328-foot range with a Bluetooth tracking device. However, the signaling is weaker than what you would expect. The accuracy is workable, but you need to get in the given range. Which means you will have to wander around a bit to narrow down the location.

However, once you get in the range, you will get an approximate distance and direction of your cat’s location. Moreover, the tracker is waterproof.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Best suited for indoor use


  • Inconsistency in signal
  • Very small range

What To Look For In A Cat Tracker

Every cat tracker has something unique to offer. Though, there are a few features that are common and essential to make the tracker worth the purchase.

Reliability and accuracy

The entire idea of buying the tracker fails if you are unable to get accurate readings.

The purpose is to pin down the location of your cat. If the reading is flawed with inaccuracies, you cannot rely on such a device.

Strong connection and long battery life are what make a good tracker reliable. Check out all these features before making the purchase.


A tracker is more useful when it can be put to action outdoors. There is no point in installing a tracker if you have to run around to get in the signal range.

Also, you never know which direction your cat might run to. In such a situation, if you are searching in the wrong direction, your cat might slip away farther.

A good range will prevent such problems from happening.

Small and lightweight

Cats are fussy animals. Hanging a big tracking device on their collar will make them more edgy and restless.

Therefore along with a good signal, you need the tracker to be small in size and lightweight. As a result, you will be able to install it on the collar without causing many hindrances in your cat’s movement.

To Sum It Up

Knowing about the whereabouts of your cat can be truly relieving. You can be sure where to find them if they go out of the house.

Investing in a good quality tracker can prove to be beneficial. It might be a little expensive with monthly charges, but you will feel relaxed and tension-free all the time.

This guide will help you pick the best tracker for your cat. Consider all the options before you narrow down the best-suited option for your furry buddy.