7 Best Dog Grooming Clippers for Your Canine Friend

Dog Grooming Clippers

They say that a dog is the only thing on earth that will love you more than it will love itself. True, don’t you think so? Well, in return for so much love, you sure can ensure that your furry friend is well-groomed and tidy most of the time.

Your furry family member deserves a lavish lifestyle too. Doesn’t it? One of the best ways to keep your dog appropriately groomed all the time is by cutting its hair whenever required. Making an appointment and then taking your dog to the salon can be a lengthy process.

Needless to say, it can also be a little pricey, with the professional dog groomer session costing you anything from $40-$70, depending on the breed of your doggy. Worried how you’re going to give an excellent grooming session to your canine friend? Fret no more!

Dog grooming clippers are here to save your day! Today, we will tell you about the best canine hair trimmers, which will help you with this problem. Additionally, this article will also give you an insight into everything you should know about using these dog clippers.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in. Shall we?

7 Best Dog Grooming Clippers

To guide you through the options available, we have created a list of the best dog grooming clippers for your adorable dog. Continue reading to find out which trimmer will be the best for your doggy!

Oneisall 2 – Speed Dog Clippers

The Oneisall 2 – Speed Dog Clippers are undoubtedly one of the best hair trimmers in the market because they offer the best value for the price. These trimmers function without a chord.

If you wonder why these canine hair trimmers are one of the best clippers, well, it is because they come with accessories. These quiet dog clippers have accessories that include scissors, comb, cleaning brush, oil bottle, and cordless clippers.

The Oneisall 2 – Speed Dog Clippers ensure that you have everything you need to groom your canine friend properly. To see that your doggy is comfortable, these canine hair trimmers are low in vibration and quiet.

These trimmers emit noise at a very low level of 50 decibels once turned on. Another good feature of these trimmers are that they come with detachable blades. These blades are easy to clean.

Suppose your doggy has a long coat, this the perfect clipper for you as it offers a high speed of 6,200 rpm. These cordless dog grooming clippers also provide a low speed of 5,500 rpm for doggies with short coats.


  • Offers different comb lengths ranging from 3 mm to 18 mm
  • Works continuously for 150 minutes once fully charged
  • Has an LCD screen which indicates the battery
  • Takes a short time of 2.5 hours to charge completely


  • Does not have an extended battery run-time

Holdog Dog Clippers

The Holdog Dog Clippers are one of the best canine hair trimmers because they are incredibly budget-friendly. These clippers may cost less, but they still give you the best of everything.

These canine hair trimmers offer you accessories such as a cleaning brush, a comb, an oil bottle, and a pair of scissors to ensure that your dog has everything it needs for its hair cutting session.

The blade used in Holdog dog clippers is detachable and made of ceramic and titanium. This hybrid increases the efficiency and lifespan of the clippers. These trimmers don’t make many sounds and ensure that your dog is calm when you’re grooming it.


  • Comes with an adjustable motor with three speeds
  • Offers different comb lengths
  • Has battery indicators


  • Takes 3-4 hours to charge completely

PettingPal Dog Grooming Clippers

Does it take exceptionally long for you to groom your dog? Well, if that’s a yes, these are the perfect clippers for your dog. These clippers have incredibly long battery life. They offer up to five hours of cordless use once you have fully charged them.

These canine hair trimmers come with a wide blade that can easily penetrate through the thicker coats. In addition to this, the trimmer also offers a small blade for grooming delicate areas on your doggy’s body.

You can detach these blades and switch from one to another to ensure a wholesome grooming experience for your canine friend.


  • Offers three different motor speeds of 6,500 rpm, 5,800 rpm, and 5,000 rpm
  • Has a long battery life
  • Has a battery indicator on the LCD screen
  • Comes with a wide blade


  • Takes 4 hours to charge completely
  • Does not come with other accessories

Hansprou Dog Shaver Clippers

If you’re wondering why Hansprou Dog Shaver Clippers are on the list of dog grooming clippers, well, let us tell you why! The Hansprou clippers are on this list because they are effortless and easy to use. They are not flashy at all and come with only one speed.

As these clippers come with only a cord, you never have to worry about batteries running out. All you need to do is insert this canine hair trimmer cord into the plug and get going. Like the other trimmers that we have told you about, these trimmers also generate very little noise.

So, they don’t scare your dog at all. The excellent quality performance of these trimmers comes due to the titanium and ceramic clipper blade. This clipper blade, much like the other trimmers, are detachable for cleaning purposes.

The Hansprou dog shaver clippers offer a low vibration, ensuring that your canine friend does not feel startled at all! Additionally, these dog hair clippers give you a high-speed 12 V motor to get through any coat type. It also prevents snagging.


  • Extremely simple to use
  • Comes with four different types of guard guides
  • Suitable for beginners


  • They are not cordless
  • Does not offer different speeds like other clippers
  • Does not come with additional accessories

Wahl Pro Series Cordless Animal Clippers

Don’t worry. We have not switched to human hair clippers. Wahl produces not only human but animal trimmers as well. These canine hair trimmers are great because products by Wahl are tried and tested.

Wahl pet Clippers have color-coded guide guards, cleaning brushes, an oil bottle, a comb – all in one kit. The blades used in these trimmers are made of high carbon, and they sharpen themselves as you work them on your dog’s coat.

Like other products by Wahl, these canine hair trimmers also come with a PowerDrive Cutting System. Don’t know what that means? Well, it means that these trimmers have 1.5 times more power than any other average set of pet clippers.

This System helps to get through the thick coats more quickly and efficiently. This pet clipper also offer a four-guide guard attachment system. It comes in the following ranges: 6 mm, 13 mm, 10 mm, and 3 mm.

These trimmers do not have an LCD screen like the others. However, they do have a battery indicator light when you are running out of battery. Additionally, they also come with a “15-minute Quick Charge” option, which allows you to use the trimmers for an extra eight minutes.

This pet clipper charge fully in an hour and run for two hours once charged ultimately.


  • Highly tested and experienced
  • Comes with accessories
  • Lucrative features such as Quick-charge
  • Offers a high power drive
  • Takes only an hour to charge completely


  • Doesn’t have an LCD screen
  • Runs only for 2 hours on a battery

Oster Golden A5 Two-Speed Clippers

We are sure you have heard of Oster before. In case you haven’t, let us tell you that Oster, much like Wahl, is another brand that is quite famous in the appliance industry. Oster has now started to cater to the needs of our furry friends as well.

Owing to the expertise and experience, Oster makes the most durable animal clippers. The blades used in these canine hair trimmers are treated and produced with cryogenic technology to make them stable and durable.

The Oster speed clippers ensure that your dog does not get hurt during its hair cutting session. So, these trimmers come with a universal motor that can run slow when you are grooming delicate areas.

However, it can also speed up and fasten the grooming process whenever required. The Oster Golden Speed trimmers are durable enough to remain in pristine condition for the longest time.

Let’s talk specs now. These canine hair trimmers can offer a speed as low as 2100 SPM (strokes per minute) along with the highest rate of 2700 SPM for a thick coat of fur. They also offer a grooming guide chart.

This grooming guide will walk you through how you can groom your dog based on their breed, fur coat, and the body part which needs grooming. These clippers, however, are corded and don’t need a battery. The cord is 12-foot long.


  • Extremely durable
  • Controllable motor speed
  • Comes with a grooming guide


  • Does not have a battery
  • No guide guard attachments included with the clippers

Andis 22340 ProClip

Our last pick for this list is the Andis 22340 ProClip Clipper. As you know, Andis is one of the best brands in the grooming industry since the 1920s. We can only imagine how much expertise they bring to the table.

These professional dog clippers have housing that is shatter-proof and will work for a long time. The Andis ProClip offers a durable motor that can handle coats of any texture and length.

These hair clippers don’t come with a battery but have a 14-foot long cable which gives you ample opportunity to move around while you groom your pup. The blades used in the Andis 22340 ProClip clippers have UltraEdge blades for more excellent sharpness and durability.

The blades also come with a chrome finish to prevent corrosion. These clippers are professional-grade clippers and offer you two speeds usable on any dog’s fur. Additionally, these trimmers don’t make too much noise, keeping your doggy calm through the whole process.

Andis also makes ceramic blades that you can attach to this trimmer. However, these do not come with the Andis ProClip Kit, and you will have to order them separately. These canine hair trimmers don’t come with any guide guard attachments or LCD screen.


  • Shatter-proof housing
  • Offers different motor speeds
  • Comes with a long 14-foot cord


  • Does not have accessories
  • No guide guard attachments are present
  • No LCD screen

What to Look for in A Dog Grooming Clipper?

So many options to choose from, right? You have to do good research if you want your furry best friend to get the best treatment!

Although we have told you everything, you need to know about the best dog grooming clippers in the above list. Here is a list of factors that you should look for while purchasing a clipper.

Vibration and Noise

We are not scared of the vibration noises while using a trimmer, but that’s not how our dogs perceive it. Dogs are frightened of the vibration noise that comes from clippers.

Clippers with high power can surely do the job well on your dog’s coat, but the noise coming from the heavy-duty motor can scare your adorable dog a lot. Moreover, the loud vibrations can freak the dog out.

That will make it harder for you to control your dog, and your job won’t get done correctly. Wondering what to do in such a case? Consider buying a clipper that emits low noise and low vibration.

Clippers that produce noise under 60 decibels are great for dogs sensitive to loud noises and sensations.

Material of the Blade

The blade material is one of the most important things to look out for when buying a clipper. How, do you ask? Well, the blade material determines how much heat gets produced when you groom your dog.

Its Blade should sharp enough to trim matted fur and thick fur.

Although steel blades can power through any type of fur and are very durable, they become very hot once you have sliced out a heavy amount of fur. On the contrary, ceramic blades don’t last very long yet remain cooler than steel blades.

So, take your pick wisely!

Speed and Power

As you may have surmised from the above list, the power and speed of dog grooming clippers get measured from the strokes per minute (spm) or the rotations per minute (rpm) that it has.

It would be best for you to note that although your clipper comes with high power and can power through the thickest coat of fur, it will also create a loud noise and vibration. Such a clipper can even quickly heat up while you groom your dog.

So, don’t just look for the clipper with the highest power! Look at the coat of your dog and then decide which clipper will be the most suitable fit. You wouldn’t want to startle your dog with so much vibration on his back. Would you?

If your dog has a short or wiry coat, a clipper with a low – medium speed will be a perfect match. However, if you don’t want to think so much about speeds and power, then a one-speed clipper would be an appropriate pick.

Clipper Weight

As we mentioned before, grooming your dog can be a lengthy process, especially if the dog has a thick coat. Thus, most clippers in the market today have an ergonomic design that ensures that your wrists, hands, and arms are not tired.

However, the weight of the clippers has a considerable impact on the entire grooming process. Lighter clippers are easier to handle when you’re grooming those delicate areas on your dog’s body. However, these clippers will emit louder vibrations than heavier ones.

If vibrations are not an issue for you or your dog, then a lightweight clipper is the perfect choice for you. However, you should stick to a standard weight clipper if vibrations bother your furry friend.

Cord or Cordless?

Buying a pet grooming clipper with a cord or no cord is entirely dependent upon the scope of the pet grooming job that you have to do. Cordless clippers appear to be convenient but keep in mind that they run on battery and may run out any minute!

Clippers like PettingPal have a great battery backup, but other clippers start to show trouble after one hour of operation. So, the power in these clippers is quite limited. Although they are appropriate for a doggy with short and soft coats, they will not be a good match for all dogs.

Corded clippers are the best match for dogs with thick and heavy coats, as you can use them for however long they are required!


You are the best judge of what your doggy needs. We hope the carefully curated list given above has helped you narrow down the pet grooming clippers you want to choose from. Like you may have noticed, a lot goes into the grooming of your dog.

Be wary of what your doggy likes, dislikes, and what is likely to startle your dog! To sum up, ensure that your pet is comfortable throughout the grooming session and does not wreak havoc due to fear!

So, chop-chop. Get to work!