How to choose Best Dog Beds for Large Dogs

Best Dog Beds for Large Dogs – Introduction In this article, we talk about the best dog beds for large dogs. 38.4% of American households own dogs. That’s 48 million homes. If you’re one of these owners, you know that it is crucial to ensure their health and safety. One of the things that large … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Mushrooms?

can dog eat mushroom

We pet owners love to feed our dogs ‘regular people foods’. Mushrooms are one of these ‘regular people foods’ that owners try on dogs. Many dog owners have doubts that their Dogs can eat Mushrooms? Dogs, being omnivores, can technically digest meats and regular human food such as grains and vegetables. But while trying out … Read more

How to care for a pregnant dog

During the pregnancy Period we should give extra care to our pet dogs. Common Signs and symptoms of dog pregnancy Change in appetite Morning Sickness Weight Gain Swollen Belly Changes in nipples behavioral changes How many days is a dog pregnant? Gestation period for dog is 58 days to 68 days. Within 58 days dog … Read more