Best Cat Toothpaste (Top Picked cat toothpaste for 2022)

Selecting Cat Toothpaste – Intro Using the right cat toothpaste will make your little pet’s teeth healthy, strong, and clean. But choosing the quality toothpaste out of the multitude available in the market today is quite a task. How do you make that decision? Every customer looks for something different in their feline toothpaste. If … Read more

Why Did My Cat Pee On My Bed?

Did you wake up in the middle of the night to find yourself drenched in cat pee yet again? You must be wondering why your cat pees on your bed even though it has its litter box. Well, if you are a pet parent, cat urine on your comfy bed is something you have to … Read more

How To Make A Cat Hammock?

cat hammock

If there is anything that your feline loves to do, it is taking a nap. Why not add some variety to your cat’s cozy cove? Cats love to sleep on the floor or off the ground. That makes a cat hammock an excellent option for your little kitty. For those into DIY crafts, it is … Read more

How To Find A Missing Cat?

How To Find A Missing Cat? We understand the devastation you feel if your favorite pet suddenly disappears. However, at times like this, you need to take a sip of water, calm your nerves and get on with the search. It is important to remember that all cats are not prone to being inside a … Read more

How Many Calories Does a Cat Need? : A Furry Guide

cat food

How Many Calories Does a Cat Need? : An Introduction Do you calculate your daily calorie intake to stay fit and healthy? Have you ever wondered what it would be like for a cat to eat a sugary diet every day? Your furry little friend also needs control over their calorie intake to protect from … Read more

How long to quarantine a Cat with Ringworm [Essential Guide]

Quarantine A Cat with Ringworm? Ringworm-infected cat owners often ask, “How long to quarantine a cat with ringworm?” Quarantine times for cats with ringworm will depend on the severity of the infection and what length of time it may take to heal. Infected cats remain infectious for approximately two to three weeks if they receive … Read more